Tense Troubles? Here are 6 Spanish Conjugation Apps to Help You Master Verbs

Spanish has at least 14 verb tenses, and therefore around 84 forms of each verb. Oof!

With all these complexities, it can be incredibly helpful to find some effective, convenient verb tools for memorizing and mastering Spanish conjugation.

And if you’ve got a smartphone, you’re already just a few taps away from these tools.

Whether you’re a beginner just getting familiar with Spanish verbs or a more advanced learner looking for extra practice, we’ll show you how to find the best conjugation apps, plus six  awesome ones you can download right now.


Features to Look for in Spanish Conjugation Apps

Not all conjugation apps are equally useful. Here are some of the features to check for when you’re downloading a new one:

  • Works without an internet connection: When you’re traveling, you might not always have internet available, so it’s useful to have a conjugation app that also works offline.
  • Has all the tenses: Some conjugation apps, especially the free ones, only come with the past, present and future tenses. That might be fine if you’re just starting out, but if you’re really going to advance and be able to express your thoughts, you’ll eventually need all the tenses.
  • Offers translation to English/searches in English or Spanish: This is a must for beginners, especially those who need to look up unfamiliar verbs!

For more advanced learners who have their vocabulary down pat, but need help with remembering different verb forms, the feature may be less important. However, my experience is that we tend to master the conjugations before learning all the verbs.

  • Offers a large number of verbs: Some of the free apps will only come with, say, 100 verbs, hoping that you’ll pay extra to access more. It’s something to look out for if you don’t want your studies to get interrupted.
  • Offers extra activities like quizzes: Some apps will take the verbs you look up and turn them into flashcards or quizzes. It’s a great way to guarantee that you learn the verbs, rather than just looking them up and then forgetting them.
  • Includes vosotros: Some countries (namely Spain) use this tense (the informal plural “you”), whereas others, especially in Latin America, just use ustedes for the plural of tu. Most apps, however, include the vosotros conjugations.
  • Is user-friendly: Put simply, conjugations are hard enough without an app making it really difficult for you to find the exact conjugation you need!

6 Spanish Conjugation Apps That’ll Transform How You Do Verbs

Now that you know how to browse for conjugation apps, here are some great ones to get you started! The first five apps on this list are totally free, while the last three are affordable.

Linguasorb Spanish Verbs

Key features:

  • English translations are provided for every verb form to help you learn new words as you practice conjugation.
  • Practice quizzes are provided for every verb tense to ensure you’re retaining what you’ve learned.
  • Audio is provided for verb forms so you can learn pronunciation simultaneously. (Pro accounts get slow audio as well.)
  • Works offline for practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Most common verb lists help you prioritize what to study.
  • The app calls your attention to irregular verb forms by highlighting them in red.

Lingasorb has a beautiful, modern interface. Paying for a “pro” version unlocks further audio, including slow audio for all verbs and their conjugations, and it gets rid of ads. It’s available as an iOS or Android app and is among the apps with the highest number of verbs available.

Spanish Verb Trainer 

Key features:

  • This app works offline or connected to the internet, so you can study anywhere.
  • It includes customizable verb drills to make sure you’re targeting your specific language weaknesses.
  • The app is optimized for tablets as well.

More of a study aid that helps you drill conjugations, Spanish Verb Trainer can also be used to look up words. The quiz function has a basic but usable design, where you’re told a verb and tense and pronoun to conjugate it to; then you tap your phone to see the answer.

You can choose drills built off of verbs, tenses or pronouns, and you can save the drills that you want to go back to. The paid version includes more verbs and tenses, and the audio quality is low for this app.

El Conjugador

Key features:

  • This app comes with all the tenses for a thorough study experience.
  • It can be used offline.
  • No translations are included with the app so it may be better for intermediate users and up who are honing their grammar skills.

This is a really simple but functional app that has a website version as well. For the app or the website, just type in a verb and it’ll give you all conjugations, laid out in a neat table. When you start to type in a verb, it’ll suggest the most common verbs that start like that, helping you with spelling.

Conjugate Spanish Verbs

Key features:

  • This app comes with English translations.
  • It includes most tenses.
  • The app includes lovely, simple graphics and a usable interface.
  • It’s not just about looking up specific conjugations; there are also learning tools and mini lessons.

This app is unique in that its mini lessons include explanations of what the different tenses mean, or how they’re used, and users can access the explanations directly while conjugating. Though you can actually get a free version of this app, for $0.99 you can get a clean version without any ads.

Conjugation Nation Spanish 

Key features:

  • The app includes quizzes that can be customized according to verb, tense or pronoun, as well as number of questions.
  • English translations for verbs are included.
  • Unlike some apps with more, this one only includes 500 verbs and 13 tenses.
  • The app can be programmed to recognize your speech.

At around $3, this app is aimed at teenagers. It has a fun chalkboard-like design, and the quiz is smooth: swipe to view answers, and then all conjugations. The speech recognition feature lets you say a conjugation and the app tells you if you got it right.


Key features:

  • This app has a greater number of verbs at 1,600.
  • It includes the ability to search for the root verb, or any of its conjugated forms.
  • Full English translations of verbs and their conjugations are included.

Conjuverb stands out primarily for its number of verbs and its high reviews, as well as its flashcard function, which allows you to choose from recently viewed verbs, favorite verbs, top lists and custom lists. The apps costs $0.99 and is available on iOS.


There are a lot of functional and fun conjugation apps out there that can help you navigate the complex, overwhelming journey through Spanish verbs.

Be sure to combine these apps with other resources that can build your understanding of verbs further. There are also other language learning programs focused on immersion that let you see Spanish grammar in action. For example, FluentU teaches with authentic Spanish videos equipped with interactive captions that provide contextual word translations and basic grammatical information, including verb tense.

Although you might be feeling “tense” around Spanish conjugation, don’t worry. With a little bit of time and practice with these apps you’ll soon be using the right conjugations without thinking.


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