We’re Not Kidding: 18 Amazing Spanish Apps for Kids in 2022

There’s one thing we’d never kid around about: learning Spanish.

After all, sometimes learning is serious work. Luckily, sometimes it’s also fun, like when you use apps!

Spanish apps for kids can help you or any kids you know learn in a fun and engaging way, and fortunately, there are tons of apps for Spanish learners.

Spanish dictionary apps are great to get easy word definitions and pronunciations wherever you are.

General Spanish learning apps are helpful for adults looking to learn or practice Spanish.

However, Spanish apps for kids have the unique trait of being great for kids but also captivating for adults.

After all, kids generally have different learning needs and interests than adults. For example, kids respond well to fun Spanish kids videos and they enjoy Spanish cartoons and animated movies in Spanish.

Apps that are made for kids play on this fondness for visual learning and often use animation to engage users, even if those users lost their baby teeth long ago!

Since there are so many great Spanish apps for kids on the market, and since many of them are free, it would be crazy not to check them out—after all, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of educational fun to gain!

Why Use Spanish Apps for Kids?

  • Because you’re a kid and you want to learn Spanish. These apps are designed to help children learn Spanish. Introducing kids to Spanish early is a great idea, too, because children have an easier time picking up new languages than adults do. So if you’re a kid looking to learn Spanish, these apps are a fun, engaging and interactive option to help you learn basic vocabulary.
  • Because you’re an adult and you want to learn Spanish. The material is the same whether it’s formatted for children or adults. When presented for kids though, it’s usually a little slower and more visual. Plus, there are often more games and activities. And what sort of grump doesn’t enjoy games and activities?
  • Because they’re fun and convenient. Kids’ apps are meant to keep children entertained so that they continue learning more and more. But adults can also benefit from this entertainment. Because the apps are fun, you’ll keep going back to them. And because the apps are convenient, you can use them whenever and wherever. The desire to use an app combined with the ability to use it anywhere means that you’re more likely to use the app frequently, which equates to more learning!

18 Amazing Spanish Apps for Kids in 2022

Preschool – Spanish by Team Madlab


Preschool – Spanish is a completely free app designed for toddlers through 7-year-olds, although it has a lot to offer for any Spanish learner.

The app offers sections titled “Aprender” (Learn), “Examen” (Test) and “Actividad” (Activity). These sections use fun activities to help you learn Spanish words and test your knowledge after practicing. Word sets cover basic topics like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits and vegetables, animals and more. What’s more, the app supports three regional variations of Spanish: US Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Castilian Spanish.

spanish apps for kids

Additionally, Preschool – Spanish is available offline, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to learn Spanish on the go without burning through data.

Ages: 2-7

Pricing: Free


iOS | Android

FluentU is designed for all ages and levels of language learners. From children to adults, from beginners to near-native Spanish students, there’s something for everyone.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Other sites use scripted content. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s actually spoken by real people.

FluentU has a wide variety of videos topics, as you can see here:


FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive transcripts. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used.

Plus, if you see an interesting word you don’t know, you can add it to a vocab list.


Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab.


Learn all the vocabulary in any video with FluentU’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you’re on.


The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and gives you extra practice with difficult words. It'll even remind you when it’s time to review what you’ve learned. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re studying with the same video.

Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the iOS or Android FluentU app.

Ages: 12+

Pricing: Free trial; subscription pricing varies

Learn Spanish for Kids by KidsTube


Learn Spanish for Kids is a free app that contains study materials, videos, games and quizzes.

The study material consists of 694 words that fall into 24 different topic areas, including common word sets like the alphabet, numbers and colors. However, Learn Spanish for Kids also adds in a bit more by including country names, body parts, clothing, school, flowers and more.

spanish apps for kids

While Learn Spanish for Kids doesn’t produce its own learning videos, it does offer a collection of YouTube videos in its app. Additionally, there are a couple of games and a listening quiz to round out the app’s learning options.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free

Spanish Learning for Kids by Marlu Studio

iOS | Android

Spanish Learning for Kids offers learning material and fun activities to help kids and anyone who’s a child at heart learn basic Spanish vocabulary.

Using cute animations, the app teaches vocabulary like numbers, the alphabet, animals and more. Words are both spoken and displayed in writing, and you can repeat the words if you need to hear them again. Plus, words appear in poppable balloons to add a delightful twist to the learning process.

spanish apps for kids

Additional activities include coloring, puzzles and games to help reinforce your learning.

Some users are dissatisfied because the app is entirely in Spanish—there are no English-language instructions. However, this offers a more immersive approach than apps that use English since users will figure out word meanings through context. This encourages users to think in Spanish, which is important for moving towards fluency.

The basic app is free. In-app purchases unlock additional word categories.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available

Spanish for Kids Free by gonliapps


Spanish for Kids Free is a free app that offers 500 words with both images and audio.

The app uses games to help you learn valuable vocabulary in basic categories like colors, numbers and days of the week, in addition to more advanced categories like Christmas, sports and music.

The app aims to improve your reading, listening and speaking.

Note: Since the publication of this post, this app is now called “Learn Spanish Free for Beginners” and is used by all ages.

Ages: 6+

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available

spanish apps for kids

Learn Spanish for Kids/Spanish School Bus by Chungaboo

iOS | Android

Learn Spanish for Kids (also called Spanish School Bus) focuses on teaching 300 common words. There are over 60 levels based on themes such as verbs, travel, colors and more. There are four different learning modes, as well as games.

What sets Learn Spanish for Kids apart is its music videos and achievements. Yes, Learn Spanish for Kids offers several educational music videos. There are also achievements you can unlock for a greater sense of accomplishment. Plus, you can get certificates of completion as you advance through the app. This is a good motivator to keep you moving along.

The basic download is free. In-app purchases unlock additional content.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available

Fun Spanish: Language Learning Games for Kids by Studycat Limited

iOS | Android

Designed for kids ages 3-10, Fun Spanish: Language Learning Games for Kids offers Spanish lessons that incorporate a wide array of learning games. The audio for the words uses both male and female voices, which will help you nail down the pronunciations and understand how sounds may vary slightly between voices.

The basic app is free and contains two lessons (covering colors and animals) and 13 games. Additional in-app purchases unlock more lessons and games on topics including the body, vehicles, sea animals and more.

Ages: 3-10

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available

15,000 Words – Learn Spanish by FunEasyLearn

iOS (6,000 Words) | Android (15,000 Words)

15,000 Words offers a nice array of words to help beginning and intermediate learners advance their skills.

For each word, this app offers an image, the written word and audio pronunciation. The app also includes seven different games to reinforce your learning.

15,000 Words also has a number of unique features. You can let the app select a random category for you to practice, which is a great way to test your progress. Additionally, there’s a Review Manager that tracks the words you’ve learned during a game so you can give them another look.

15,000 Words is free to download. Additional in-app purchases remove ads and add additional levels. You can also use the app offline.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available

Alfabeto Spanish Alphabet by TeachersParadise.com


Alfabeto Spanish Alphabet is a free app for early beginners. It’s designed for babies through toddlers, but don’t let them hog all the learning!

The app focuses primarily on teaching users the alphabet. There are a total of 100 flashcards that incorporate pictures to teach users the alphabet and basic words (most of which are used as examples of words that begin with each letter).

Additionally, there are writing lessons to help users master the basics of forming letters. Adult learners won’t benefit much from this, but it’s great for toddlers!

spanish apps for kids

Note: The iOS app is temporarily under maintenance, but check back soon!

Ages: 2+

Pricing: Free

Learn Spanish by MindSnacks


The full version of Learn Spanish offers nine games and 50 lessons meant to improve your speaking, reading, vocabulary and conversation skills.

The app incorporates illustrations and audio clips from native speakers. It was designed by Ivy League instructors to help you maximize learning and retention.

The first lesson is available for free, but additional lessons require in-app purchases.

In total, the app offers over 1,000 words and phrases and 40 hours of content.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: First lesson free; in-app purchases for all other lessons

Learn Spanish with Amy for Kids by Squins IT Solutions

iOS | Android

If you’re wondering how to teach your child Spanish at home, this app will certainly help get the job done! It’s intended for young learners and is formatted so that it feels like play.

The games use both English and Spanish and cover transportation, numbers, shapes, colors, farm animals and more. They introduce basic vocabulary using kid-friendly pictures. Matching games, puzzles and quizzes are fast, fun play for young children. This is an ideal resource for making Spanish for kids super fun!

Free topics are “food and drinks,” “zoo” and “body.” Access the others with in-app purchases. Try out the free categories and if your child enjoys this app, purchase the other lessons. It’s a great introduction to Spanish for toddlers and young children.

Ages: 2-7

Pricing: Free with available upgrade for $5.99

Duolingo Kids


We’re pretty comfortable using Duolingo as adult learners but many of us wonder, “Is Duolingo kid-friendly?” The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Duolingo Kids teaches English, French and Spanish to children with the same type of gamified learning platform that the adult version uses. There are levels to unlock, new places to visit and animated characters who make language learning a friendly adventure. English is used to help teach Spanish.

This app teaches basic vocabulary and conversational phrases, but it also teaches young learners to speak in entire sentences. Responding to questions and prompts with whole sentences not only teaches vocabulary but also allows learners to practice pronunciation.

A bonus with this app? It’s available for offline use so kids can learn anytime, anywhere! And what young Spanish learner won’t be thrilled to see that all of the Spanish games for kids are never out of bounds?

spanish apps for kids

English speakers and learners will also love Duolingo ABC, an app that teaches children to read. Like the other Duolingo resources, this app has engaging pictures and interesting content, and it works offline, too. This English learning app for kids is worth looking into!

And, if you’re not looking to add another app to your device, the standard Duolingo app can teach children Spanish, too. Looking for some family fun? Make it an adult/child language adventure. Spend some together-time with Duo the owl, and power up skills in no time. Duolingo for iOS and the app for Android are both adult and child user-friendly!

spanish apps for kids

Duolingo is one of the best free apps to teach Spanish at home. Many have learned how to use it, and, let’s face it, it’s tough not to fall in love with that little owl!

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free

Pili Pop Español (Spanish) by Pili Pops Labs

iOS | Android

Pili Pop Español is an award-winning app that’s so much fun that children ask to use it. My four-year-old niece loves Pili Pop—and her Spanish skills are completely amazing! If you’re looking for an option to add Spanish learning games to your child’s language program, I absolutely suggest this one!

This is basically a game app that teaches the language. Choose from a variety of pronunciation exercises or themes that are all designed to encourage children to want to play. Speaking out loud and repeating vocabulary as it’s introduced are great ways for kids to practice pronunciation. Some English is used in this app.

Caring for Pili by playing often makes language learning part of a child’s daily routine. There are free themes to download. Subscription options open up unlimited access to all content, which is regularly updated.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free with subscriptions available from $9.99-$59.99

Bilingual Child

spanish apps for kids


This app uses animated books to teach young learners how to speak Spanish and English.

Interaction between two characters, Lucy (who speaks English) and Carlos (who speaks Spanish), very clearly brings both languages to life. It’s a thoroughly uncomplicated introduction to either language.

The content is fun, sweet and perfect for even very young learners, including babies. Toddlers will love interacting with these two friends—and gain some solid pronunciation practice while they’re busy answering questions and learning vocabulary.

spanish apps for kids

In-app purchases offer additional books. Many subjects are covered, including animals, numbers, colors, body parts, transportation and shapes.

Ages: 2+

Pricing: Free; in-app purchases available (Unlimited access pass costs $8.99)

Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade by Innovative Mobile Apps


Lingo Arcade is an excellent resource for kids as well as for their parents. Even young children can use this app for learning vocabulary. Older children and adults will enjoy playing games. The app keeps tabs on learning streaks, levels and high scores, so this is an ideal resource for anyone who likes a bit of competition!

There are thousands of words and phrases that provide learners the opportunity to build an impressive vocabulary. The focus of this app is on keeping learners engaged. Mini-challenges and the ability to skip forward to more difficult material encourages learners to work harder—and see benefits more quickly!

If you’re wondering which apps can be used for middle schoolers, this is one to try. Also, this is a fun way for adults to learn Spanish, too! Both English and Spanish are used in this app, so it’s suitable for even beginning learners.

The first level is free to try. In-app purchases offer two options, either 20 levels or unlimited access.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free with upgrades available from $.99 to $8.99

Learn Spanish Lessons for Kids by Early Start

spanish apps for kids


Learn Spanish Lessons for Kids is geared toward young children—including babies! It’s a learning system that builds on material learned in previous lessons, featuring vivid images and short videos that are wonderfully engaging.

Audio models pronunciation, and flashcards help with vocabulary and spelling. Games to encourage learning are simple but effective.

spanish apps for kids

This app teaches Spanish in a manner that is similar to how we learn our native languages. Words are introduced, then built upon, and prompts are made in English. For example, a dog becomes a brown dog and then becomes part of a whole sentence. This is a super great method for teaching!

Adults can use this app as an additional resource in a Spanish language program. Any method that teaches vocabulary is an asset to every language learner’s program!

Ages: infants+

Pricing: Free

Infinite Spanish by Jernung

spanish apps for kids

iOS | Android

Infinite Spanish is an app that teaches Spanish—only using Spanish. There is no English used in this app, so it forces learners to think in Spanish right from the beginning.

The whole app is a series of games designed to teach basic Spanish vocabulary. There are over 200 words featured, so this is an ideal method for teaching children a core vocabulary. They learn animals, food, numbers and more with visual and audio prompts.

spanish apps for kids

Levels in this app bring a challenge to the games! Also, there’s a review option that helps to distinguish material learned from what still needs more review. Parents and children will both enjoy this app—and there are more Infinite apps available for other languages, too!

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free with upgrade for $4.99

Endless Spanish by Originator Inc.


In this app, children learn Spanish with some friendly monsters—what’s not to love? This program is very low-key in that it doesn’t keep track of scores or winning streaks or note failures. It’s a peaceful, low-stress method for introducing young children to the language. Using both English and Spanish to teach the Spanish language makes this a very friendly option for even very young learners.

There are basic vocabulary words to learn, puzzles that become animated while they’re being worked on and sentence puzzles that give visual representations of their targeted words.

There are six free words to try, and in-app purchases make more word packs available.

Two audio options are available. “Spanish Immersion” is for advanced learners and native Spanish speakers. “Spanish with English Translation” works for beginners and English speakers.

Ages: 4+

Pricing: Free with upgrades available for $5.99 each


So introduce one of these Spanish apps to your kiddos or try one for yourself. It’ll make you feel like a kid again!

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