Learn 32 Shapes in Spanish and Tackle Geometry Words Fair and Square

New Spanish learners often start by learning colors, days of the week, family members and other common words. 

But one category that’s often overlooked is also all around us: Shapes!

Add to your core vocabulary by studying these shapes in Spanish and related words. 

Whether you want to learn just the basics or get down into the nitty gritty of different types of triangles, you’ll find it all in this blog!


Words Related to Shapes in Spanish

Before you learn shapes, learn how to talk about them. Below are some essential vocabulary words related to shapes in Spanish. To learn more shapes and related vocabulary, an authentic language learning program like FluentU is a great place to start.

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Ángulos Angles
Área Area
Circunferencia Circumference
Borde / Arista Edge
Geometría Geometry
Paralelogramo Parallelogram
Perímetro Perimeter
Polígono Polygon
Proporción Proportion
Forma Shape
Simetría Symmetry
Vértice Vertex
Volumen Volume

Shapes in Spanish

Type of triangles

Triángulo Triangle
Triángulo equilátero Equilateral triangle
Triángulo isósceles Isosceles triangle
Triángulo escaleno Scalene triangle
Triángulo rectángulo Right triangle
Triángulo acutángulo Acute triangle
Triángulo obtusángulo Obtuse triangle

Types of quadrilaterals

Cuadrilátero Quadrilateral
Cuadrado Square
Rectángulo Rectangle
Rombo Rhombus
Trapecio Trapezium

2D shapes

Círculo Circle
Óvalo Oval
Pentágono Pentagon
Hexágono Hexagon
Heptágono Heptagon / Septagon
Octágono Octagon
Nonágono Nonagon
Decágono Decagon
Dodecágono Dodecagon
Cometa Kite
Corazón Heart
Estrella Star
Medialuna Crescent
Diamante Diamond

3D Shapes

Esfera Sphere
Cubo Cube
Pirámide Pyramid
Cono Cone
Cilindro Cylinder
Prisma Prism


From the humble circle to the spectacular sphere, these shape words in Spanish will make a great addition to your Spanish core vocabulary!

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