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Learn Business Spanish: 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Resume (with Resources!)

Whether you have a background in business Spanish or not, there are limitless resources on the topic to help you brush up on your vocabulary.

Whether you’re a novice learner or a fluent Spanish speaker, everyone can continue improving and benefit from acquiring at least some knowledge of business Spanish.

Here are four simple ways to get ahead on the job front and learn Spanish for work.


1. Watch Videos on Business Spanish Vocabulary

The internet is an infinite resource for content, including Spanish business videos. Use it wisely and you can improve your Spanish very quickly through immersion without even having to visit a Spanish-speaking country. 

For example, YouTube has several videos that teach business Spanish in particular. Here are some that you might find helpful:

How to Learn Spanish Words for Business

This video is hosted by a Hispanic woman who teaches practical and useful Spanish phrases applicable to everyday business affairs.

Along with verbalizing the phrases slowly in her native Spanish accent—so you can hear the proper pronunciation of each word—you can also see them in written form on the screen: assisting you with the spelling of each word. 

Basic Spanish for Business Owners

Okay, don’t let the title of this video throw you—it’s not just for business owners. Chock-full of pertinent information in its 20-minute timeframe, this video features helpful phrases and vocabulary for anyone wishing to learn some business vocabulary.

It also kicks off by providing viewers with some information about Latino culture, which can be important when conducting global business or simply working with those from other countries. 

Learn Spanish – Spanish Office Vocabulary

This is a more simplified vocabulary video containing images, accompanying words in both English and Spanish and ends with a short quiz as a recap. 

2. Learn Business Spanish via Books

Good old-fashioned text on paper can provide you with all you need to know and more about business Spanish.

“Business Spanish (Teach Yourself)” 

Business Spanish (Teach Yourself) (English and Spanish Edition)

Do you already consider yourself fluent in Spanish or close to it? If you answered “yes,” then this book is for you.

A unique advantage to this book is that along with its ample amount of business Spanish vocabulary, it provides brief grammar explanations and reviews to keep the often-confusing elements of Spanish fresh in your mind, as you expand your knowledge.

Another benefit is that the text covers varying dialects of Spanish.

“Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Language Guide” 

Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Language Guide (Languages for Business) (English and Spanish Edition)

Are you someone who gets overwhelmed by gigantic textbooks that seem impossible to get through? Well, you’re not alone.

If massive language learning books don’t appeal to you, you may benefit from the concise and comprehensive nature of this book: it’s particularly helpful for those that find themselves in translating roles at work.

En Activo: Practical Business Spanish” 

En Activo: Practical Business Spanish

Do you prefer audiobooks to paperbacks or vice versa? Perhaps you and your Kindle are inseparable?

Whatever the case, this book is available on Amazon in three formats: audio CD, Kindle e-book or hardback.

The book—comprised of 20 chapters—features role-plays, dialogues, grammar instruction (pertaining specifically to business) and much more, making it suitable for a variety of learners.

The Hispanic Economics English/Spanish Dictionary of Banking & Finance: Words, Phrases, and Terms (Multilingual Edition)“The Hispanic Economics English/Spanish Dictionary of Banking & Finance: Words, Phrases, and Term”

This book contains over 2,300 words and phrases related to the banking and financial industries.

It’s designed to be used for English speakers learning Spanish and Spanish speakers living in an English-speaking country.

Considering the growing Spanish-speaking population in the U.S., speaking Spanish in this field will make you indispensable to your employer and clients.

Speak Business Spanish Like an Executive: Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Hold Latinos Back“Speak Business Spanish Like an Executive: Avoiding the Common Mistakes That Hold Latinos Back”

This book was designed for Spanish and English speakers who want to maintain and increase their fluency in business Spanish. It’s organized like a dictionary of business words and includes their translations, thoroughly explaining how to use them.

The book also points out common mistakes even native Spanish speakers make when using specific vocabulary in a professional setting.

To make the best of this book, you’ll need an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish since it’s assumed that you already know most of these words in their everyday context.

3. Learn Business Spanish via Online Lessons

Reading old-school textbooks not your learning style? Fret not, as there are numerous websites offering courses in business Spanish. While many of them are free, some of the more comprehensive and detailed courses are available for a small fee.

learn business spanishBusinessspanish.com

The title of this site would lead one to believe that it’s dedicated entirely to business Spanish, which is not the case.

Most of the business Spanish information on this website can be found in the vocabulary section, under the letter A for “advertising,” B for “banking” and “business” and other subdivisions of the business world.

In these sections, you’ll find detailed vocabulary that you can study and learn by turning them into flashcards, or simply reading them and using them in your daily interactions.


FluentU uses video clips from authentic Spanish media to teach the language as it’s really used by native speakers. You’ll find business-related news segments, clips from movies and more.

Every video comes with a downloadable transcript and interactive subtitles so you can learn new business terms as you watch. 


After watching a video, you’ll take a personalized vocabulary quiz to go over the key words and phrases from the clip. You can add any terms you want to review to a flashcard deck for later review.  

Lengalialearn business spanish

I may as well be upfront: full access to this site costs a small fee. However, a free trial is also available so you can determine whether or not the full course would be beneficial to you.

The business Spanish course offered by Lengalia features 10 lessons focusing on topics like job seeking, job interviews, market analysis and more.

Completion of the business Spanish course earns the learner a certificate, which adds further depth to your resume.

learn business spanish123 Teach Me

Don’t want to drop a cent on online Spanish lessons, but still yearning to learn? Fear not, as there are options available.

123 Teach Me’s business Spanish page has sections teaching business vocabulary and business dialogue, by teaching them in an interactive way to keep you engaged during your studies.

learn business spanishFluent Spanish Academy

Fluent Spanish Academy features live video and audio training, and the opportunity to ask questions with trained teachers.

A community of speakers from across the globe “gather” in a live weekly Facebook meeting, providing the perfect opportunity for you to learn from peers and also practice your conversational skills.

Additionally, there are short stories and a library of conversational recordings available for your learning experience at any time.

learn business spanishCactus Language Training

Cactus Language Training has been providing private, business and corporate language training across the globe since 1998. They specialize in helping individuals and businesses thrive in the global market by teaching language skills that facilitate communication.

Providing both face-to-face training at one of their many classroom locations, or virtual training via Skype—Spanish learners have several course options: general, business, technical or industry-specific Spanish.

It’s a fully flexible and customizable method for learning Spanish.

learn business spanishRype

Rype offers an interesting approach to language learning: live daily lessons with professional teachers.

Students can book individual lessons with more than one teacher to get a feel for different teachers before deciding who to study with. Group lessons are also available.

And if you’re unsure about live lessons as a learning method, Rype offers a free trial so you can try it before joining.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice Your Business Spanish

Another learning option would be to practice your business Spanish with other language learners.

learn business spanishThe Tandem Language App lets you connect with native speakers in a unique way: by trading languages.

It’s a fun, safe language tool that will help you to practice what you’ve learned by having real conversations with other native Spanish speakers regularly, teaching them your language in return.

Learn more about Tandem in our review.

Why Learn Business Spanish Specifically?

Mastering even just the basics of business Spanish vocabulary has significant benefits no matter what your desired or established career is.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge to help you stand out from others during your job search, or if you’re in upper-level management with your company hoping to better communicate with Spanish-speaking clients or employees—studying business Spanish is paramount—and will vastly boost your appeal with both potential or current employers.


With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll be picking up business Spanish and using it like a pro in and outside the office in no time. Keep focused and keep learning.

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