Spanish for Customer Service: 7 Great Resources to Get Started

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Many jobs actually require Spanish skills, and customer service jobs are no different. Some business Spanish will come in handy, but you’ll also need more specific vocabulary.

Please stay on the line for seven helpful resources to learn Spanish for customer service!


Why Learn Spanish for Customer Service?

There are a lot of bilingual customer service positions, and a lot of them involve Spanish, especially in the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of customer service positions in general to grow faster than the national job growth average, and with a growing Hispanic population, the industry will definitely need Spanish speakers.

And it’s easy to understand why Spanish speakers will be in demand. Why would a company want to hire one person to provide service in English and another person to provide service in Spanish, if they could just hire one person who could do the work of both people?

Bilingual customer service positions also often offer higher pay. In 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median income for customer service representatives was $15.25. Since an additional language is a major skill, bilingual employees are often paid more to reflect this.

Even if a position doesn’t require you to speak Spanish, knowing Spanish for customer service can give you a leg up on the competition. After all, it makes you more flexible and able to fill in if the company suddenly needs a Spanish speaker.

If you’re likely to encounter Spanish-speaking customers, learning customer service Spanish is often just easier than relying on someone else to translate. It can be a pain to wait for another employee to come help you do something. Even learning some basic customer service vocabulary could help you save yourself and the customer valuable time.

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7 Helpful Resources to Learn Spanish for Customer Service is a helpful free resource that focuses on teaching users basic writing and conversation skills for a business context.

As part of its general business resources, offers a customer service vocabulary list with over 30 common words and phrases. Each word and phrase also offers audio, so this is a great tool for beginning Spanish students. also provides a customer service lesson that uses the vocabulary in context through dialogues. This is a great way for beginners to learn basic skills that they can immediately apply to a customer service setting.

Phrases for Customer Service Representatives from Spanish for Your Job

Spanish for Your Job offers this helpful YouTube video to teach you common phrases that you may use in customer service work.

Each phrase is spoken in Spanish, English and then Spanish again. The phrases also appear on the screen to help you connect the written and spoken words. Additionally, some phrases are also accompanied by an alternate phrase with the same meaning to provide you with some options.

Phrases for Customer Service Representatives is approachable for beginning learners since it offers clear audio. It’s also a good tool for intermediate and advanced speakers who need to learn Spanish for specific customer service contexts.

If you want to practice these valuable phrases on the go, you can also download it as a podcast for free. That same link also offers a free PDF transcript to go along with the lesson, as well as several other lessons that can help you learn Spanish for other business-related contexts.

Useful English Customer Service Vocabulary by Open English

Useful English Customer Service Vocabulary is a free list of vocabulary and phrases. It’s actually intended to help Spanish speakers learn English vocabulary, but it also works well in reverse.

Each phrase is accompanied by both the Spanish and English equivalent. The list is organized to follow the standard flow of a typical customer service conversation, so it’s easy to learn valuable phrases in the order in which you would likely use them.

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Since no audio of the words/phrases is available, this resource is best for learners who already have some familiarity with the Spanish language and its pronunciation.

Spanish for Customer Service by 123 Teach Me

123 Teach Me offers this helpful free list of over 60 words and phrases to help you learn customer service Spanish.

You can study using flashcards with accompanying audio and associated images. Additionally, you can practice the words through various games and activities like a word order quiz, a spelling activity and a matching game.

The versatility of this tool makes it a good choice for beginning through advanced students who are looking to build their customer service vocabulary.

Spanish Vocabulary for Customer Service Solutions by offers a variety of lessons to help you learn new information. As part of its “Spanish for the Workplace” lesson, offers a chapter on customer service Spanish.

This chapter shares commonly-used words, phrases, questions and more to help you master Spanish for customer service. Pronunciation guides will help beginning students with the pronunciation. However, the site would probably be easiest to use for learners who have at least basic Spanish skills.

If you want to test your learning, there’s also a quiz.

You can access some of the lesson for free, but full access requires a subscription. A free trial is available, and subscriptions start at $39.99 per month.

Spanish for Customer Service by MySpanishTeacher

MySpanishTeacher offers a selection of online Spanish courses, including one that focuses on customer service.

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Learn more about FluentU

The online customer service course is available any time and features 15 hours of seminar-style classes. It covers vocabulary for topics like returns, account payments, computers and more. The course also covers basic grammar rules, so it’s ideal for beginning to intermediate Spanish students.

You can also print resources to have convenient study tools that you can use as references throughout your career.

If you complete the course, you get a certificate, which is a handy way to show your accomplishment.

You can get six months of unlimited access to the course for $99.

Spanish for Customer Service by TakeLessons

TakeLessons offers a live, small-group class that teaches Spanish for customer service. If you learn best in a traditional classroom setting, this is a similar option, but it moves the classroom online.

The course is designed for beginners, so it covers basic Spanish grammar like the use of usted (formal “you”) along with customer service vocabulary and phrases. Plus, the small group setting makes it easy to practice your skills with other students.

The course is not offered all the time, so check back for course dates. Taking the course requires a subscription to TakeLessons, which costs $19.95 per month after a free trial month.

Tips for Learning Spanish for Customer Service

  • Consider how much Spanish you want or need to learn for your position. If you have limited and simple interactions with Spanish speakers, you might only need a few key phrases. However, if you regularly interact with Spanish speakers to solve complicated problems, you’ll need to know a lot more.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Consider what issues customers might want to address and run through a mock conversation. The more often you practice with different scenarios, the more vocabulary you’ll realize you need to study. This will help ensure you’re prepared if you ever encounter a similar scenario.
  • Ensure you learn any special terminology specific to your position or industry. The customer service industry is so diverse that you’ll certainly have some terms that are specific to your job and which don’t apply to many other customer service positions. For instance, if you work in a clothing store, you’ll need to know the names of various garments. However, if you work in customer service at a computer company, you’ll need lots of technical terms. Therefore, you’ll need to supplement your standard customer service vocabulary lessons with words you need for your job.
  • Consider making your own vocabulary list to practice with. This will help you customize your vocabulary for your particular position.
  • Use authentic media to see new words in use. Get into a Spanish professional sitcom, a podcast about self-improvement, maybe the Spanish edition of How to Win Friends and Influence People – anything that is both relevant to your career goals and improving your language skills. You can also try studying Spanish with a virtual immersion software. FluentU, for example, has a large library of Spanish videos that come with interactive subtitles and other useful learning tools.

    FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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I hope that these resources will be of some service to you. Any of them can help you learn Spanish for customer service, so all you really need to do now is get to work.

Before you know it, you’re sure to be speaking Spanish and helping out people like it’s no big deal. Good luck!

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