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Tricks to Tackle the Top 10 Hardest Spanish Words to Pronounce


It’s the ugliest lemon of a car you’ve ever seen.

You’ve just got to point it out to your friend.

“Qué caro!” you exclaim, pointing across the street.

“…What are you talking about?” your friend replies.

Ah, language barrier misunderstandings. …

Want to Learn Spanish in Colombia? 4 Local Immersion Programs You Should Know


Want to see some pink dolphins?

How about bike around one of the world’s biggest bicycle routes?

Or swim in a liquid rainbow?

You can do it all in Colombia.

Like practically any country you visit, Colombia …

The Nifty, Slightly Nutty Guide to Spanish Mnemonics


Do you use Never Eat Soggy Waffles to remember the cardinal directions?

Or perhaps you’re like me, and make an L shape with your hands to remember which one is the left one?

As you may already know, these little …

How to Use the 20 Most Common Irregular Spanish Verbs


Let’s hear it for the outcasts.

The weirdos.

The totally, proudly irregular.

There’s a certain charm to being different—to playing by your own rules.

Even when it comes to Spanish verbs.

Right now, like a lot of Spanish …

Tense Troubles? Here are 8 Spanish Conjugation Apps to Help You Master Verbs


I remember when a friend of mine, just starting out in Spanish, told a Venezuelan bread shop owner, “quieres pan.”

He said, “you want bread,” to a man who clearly had plenty of bread already.

He’s hardly the only Spanish …

Insider Tips on Learning Spanish in Mexico


I first fell in love with Mexico because of its alebrijes—handicraft creatures made of wood or paper mache, and decorated with bold colors and incredibly intricate patterns.

Each one is bursting with imagination in its own distinct way.

There’s …

Press Play: 12 Sensational YouTube Channels for Online Spanish Lessons

youtube spanish lessons

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an on-demand Spanish tutor right in your home?

Whenever you have a nagging grammar question or don’t know how to pronounce a new word, you could just turn to your tutor and get exactly …