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Unlock These 6 Keys to Native-sounding Paraguayan Spanish


It’s hard to be in the middle!

Sitting right in the middle of South America is a landlocked republic that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from Spanish learners.

When planning a trip or choosing a regional Spanish to

11 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for 11 Types of People


Do you know why so many Spanish learners don’t make it to fluency?

They’re missing that one key ingredient that no number of textbooks or flashcards can substitute:


If you don’t have an internal drive to keep practicing every

Spanish for Portuguese Speakers: Vocab and Pronunciation Hacks That Make It Easy


Olá! Cómó ‘táz?

Quieres una laranja?

A mim me encanta lo teu nariz!

Oh boy… talk about cringe!

How about we try that again?

Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?)

¿Quieres una naranja? (Do you want an orange?)


Why Can’t I Learn Spanish?! How to Tackle the 4 Biggest Learning Blocks


Some people can’t draw.

Others can’t swim.

Others just can’t seem to sing in tune.

And some can’t speak Spanish—yet.

If you’ve ever struggled with studying Spanish—just couldn’t memorize those conjugations or get your mouth to pronounce the right sounds

Learning Spanish for Free? Here’s a Freeing Daily Routine to Make Life Easier


So, there’s this crazy myth that you must be rich to learn a language fluently.

Crazy though it may be, it’s worth addressing. After all, it’s everywhere.

And it’s known to cause the very serious problem of foreign language