7 Portuguese Language Classes to Turn Your Language Skills into a Class Act

Sometimes, you just need a little support.

And when you want to learn Portuguese, there is nothing more supportive than Portuguese language courses.

Both in-person and online Portuguese courses offer well-structured, supportive and downright powerful learning material to help take your Portuguese skills to the next level.

So if you are looking for a Portuguese language class that has your back, look no further than these eight sources for amazing classes.



How to Pick the Perfect Portuguese Language Class for You

Choose what type of Portuguese you want to learn.

The two most widely used variations of Portuguese are Brazilian and European Portuguese, and while they do have a lot in common, they also vary in some of their vocabulary and pronunciation.

Brazilian Portuguese is spoken by more people, so it is usually more widely offered. However, if you have your eye on traveling to or working in Portugal, European Portuguese might be right up your alley.

Think about how you learn best.

Different courses offer different features, so consider the learning method that works best for you.

Do you prefer the focus of one-on-one classes or would you rather enjoy a more social group setting? Do you learn better in person or online?

Even if you are considering only online Portuguese courses, you will have choices. Would you rather take a Portuguese MOOC, private Portuguese lessons or a class through a university?

The options are virtually endless, so knowing how you learn best can help you narrow the field.

Know your level.

Some classes will have you take a placement test, but it still helps to have a basic idea of where your skills are, so you know what courses to consider.

If you are unsure, Transparent Language offers a Brazilian Portuguese proficiency test. If your focus is European Portuguese, try the proficiency test offered by 17 Minute Languages.

Consider your objectives.

For instance, do you want to learn a lot quickly, or do you prefer a more laid-back approach? Some courses are built to teach you a lot in a short period of time, while others are designed to fit into even the busiest schedules.

Do you want to learn how to speak comfortably, or are you hoping to one day find a job in a Portuguese-speaking environment? You would focus on different aspects of the language depending on your objective.

Knowing your goals can help you find a course that is more likely to meet them.

Here are seven classes that will help you reach your goals!

Recommended Portuguese Language Classes

Language Trainers

Availability: In person only.

portuguese-language-classesNeed a lot of flexibility in your Portuguese course? Language Trainers offers private courses (one-on-one or with a group you put together) with native Portuguese tutors.

Because courses are held individually, they are catered entirely to your needs. This means that scheduling, content and even location are flexible.

If you are looking to learn Portuguese for a specific purpose, this is particularly useful since courses could focus on business vocabulary, medical vocabulary or whatever else you may need.

Additionally, while the main focus is on Brazilian Portuguese, the personalization means that you might also be able to request a little extra help with European Portuguese.


Availability: iOS, Android and website

A bit different from the conventional Portuguese classes you are used to—FluentU’s digital lessons are based on authentic videos with interactive subtitles. While watching, you can easily see any word’s meaning, example sentences and even how it is used in other videos in our library.

To ensure that you are learning and retaining the information, FluentU offers personalized, multimedia quizzes that you can complete by writing or speaking the answers. 

Since you choose your pace and what videos you watch, FluentU is flexible. As you learn, the spaced repetition system (SRS) algorithm will track your progress in order to present you with level-appropriate questions that build on what you already know (and to make sure you don’t forget what you learned in the past).

Please note that our Brazilian Portuguese program is still in development, and we do not currently offer European Portuguese.

Portuguese Connection

Availability: Both online and in person.

portuguese-language-classesPortuguese Connection is a Lisbon-based Portuguese school that offers a huge array of in-person course offerings for European Portuguese.

You can choose between group classes, individual classes, summer classes, conversation classes and more. Wish you could learn surfing to break up all your Portuguese study? You can even sign up for surfing lessons after class.

Since Portuguese Connection is based in Portugal, most of the classes focus on European Portuguese, but there is also a class that teaches Brazilian Portuguese.

Wish you could take a Portuguese Connection class but cannot make it to Lisbon just now? That’s okay! The school also offers online classes. Online courses are available in sets of 10, 20 or 30, and lessons are held twice a week for an hour each via Skype.

Lusa School

Availability: Both online and in person.

portuguese-language-classesLocated in downtown Lisbon, Lusa School offers a customizable learning option for Portuguese students.

Lusa School aims to provide students with an appropriate program to fit any level, budget and schedule. Plus, the school can even help set you up with accommodations, whether it is in a homestay, hostel or apartment.

Course offerings include intensive courses, part-time courses, conversational classes and private lessons. Lusa School also offers social events to help students connect with each other.

If Portugal is not on your travel itinerary, you can still take classes with Lusa School, since they also offer online lessons. Online lessons are one-on-one and customizable based on your objectives.

Plus, if you have studied at Lusa School before and have a teacher you love, you can even request that teacher and the school will try to hook you up.

Instituto Cultural Idioma

Availability: Both online and in person.

portuguese-language-classesLocated in Bahia, Brazil, Instituto Cultural Idioma offers plenty of different classes to please a wide array of Brazilian Portuguese students.

Course options include individual and group classes, classes for children, courses for expatriates, pronunciation workshops, preparatory courses for the CELPE-Bras proficiency test and more.

Instituto Cultural Idioma also has special activities. For instance, it can help set you up with a volunteer opportunity, percussion lessons, cooking classes, surfing lessons and even diving courses.

If you need a place to stay in Bahia, the school can also help you find accommodations with a host family, at a guest house, in a hotel, in a hostel or in a shared or individual apartment.

Plus, if you cannot get to Bahia or simply want to continue your education once you leave Brazil, online classes are also available via Skype. These classes focus predominantly on conversation practice and can be arranged to meet Monday through Friday, usually in the afternoon.

UMass Dartmouth

Availability: Both online and in person.

Hoping to earn college credits for your Portuguese coursework? UMass Dartmouth has classes that might appeal to you.

Not only does UMass Dartmouth offer in-person, Portuguese-oriented undergraduate and graduate degrees, it also offers summer programs for beginning through intermediate students and online classes during the school year.

UMass Dartmouth focuses broadly on the language and culture of the Portuguese-speaking world, so you are likely to get a foundation in all variations of the Portuguese language.

Fluent City

Availability: In person only (for now).

portuguese-language-classesFluent City offers an array of choices for beginning through advanced Brazilian Portuguese students.

Both private and group classes are available in person at Fluent City sites in New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Boston.

Courses focus on a conversational approach to learning Portuguese with plenty of hands-on learning.

Fluent City also offers some one-on-one online courses, but Portuguese is not offered at this time. Nonetheless, if this is something that interests you, you might try checking back to see if the offerings expand.


Give these Portuguese language classes a try, and they might be the best support you have ever had on your road to fluency!

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