11 Advanced Portuguese Lessons Online for Every Kind of Learner

Learning Portuguese may have many challenges, but finding the right advanced lessons shouldn’t be one of them.

Luckily, there are plenty of advanced Portuguese lessons online to choose from, so there’s something to meet any learner’s needs, goals and skills.

Check out these 11 online resources for advanced Portuguese lessons to find the program that’s right for you!




Mondly is a language-learning app that focuses on teaching you Portuguese through immersion. Since the app tracks your learning, it can easily adjust to the needs of advanced-level students.

Plus, you can study with Mondly for just five minutes a day, so it’s a great tool for busy schedules or to supplement other learning materials.


Using authentic resources can be one of the best ways for advanced Portuguese students to take their skills to the next level… but it can also be intimidating.

That’s where FluentU comes in. The program is designed to make real Portuguese videos—like movie clips, music videos and news segments—approachable to learners.

Each video comes with interactive captions, letting you see any word’s definition and examples with a click or tap. If you want to study a word further, you can save it to your vocabulary list and review it when you’re ready.

FluentU grows with you as your Portuguese skills continue to improve. While you choose what you watch and how quickly, FluentU’s algorithm tracks your progress to present you with level-appropriate questions that build on what you know.

FluentU is also flexible: You can use it in your browser, through the iOS app or through the Android app.

Living Language


Living Language offers a comprehensive Brazilian Portuguese course.

Flashcards, games and dialogues make learning engaging, and the course covers vocabulary, grammar and culture. Audio features native speakers, so you can also work on perfecting your Brazilian accent!



PortuguesePod101 offers over 100 lessons online for advanced Portuguese students. Whether you prefer an audio or video lesson, PortuguesePod101 has something for you.

Cultural highlights cover Brazilian holidays, while listening comprehension activities feature business interactions, making a complaint and more. Audio blogs also center around useful topics like vacation destinations, cultural traditions, history and more.

Polly Lingual


Polly Lingual offers advanced Portuguese lessons full of engaging features, like games, vocabulary lists and more. The advanced level covers themes like love, sports, government, news and idioms.

Advanced level students might also consider taking Polly Lingual’s business and healthcare Portuguese lessons for more focused learning.

Conta-me Tudo


Conta-me Tudo (Tell Me Everything) features over 100 audio podcasts that you can download or listen to online. While these aren’t technically lessons, they’re very useful for advanced students because they cover a diverse array of topics using clear European Portuguese. Therefore, these are a great way to expand your vocabulary and fine-tune your listening skills.

For instance, you might listen to “Diana Nicolau e a viagem de autocarro do Inferno” (“Diana Nicolau and the Bus Trip from Hell”) or “Paulo Matos e uma vida sempre em excesso” (“Paulo Matos and a Life Always in Excess”), in which Portuguese actors share stories.

Pluralidades em Português Brasileiro


Pluralidades em Português Brasileiro (Pluralities in Brazilian Portuguese) is offered on Coursera by Universidade Estadual de Campinas, a Brazilian university.

The course focuses on helping you develop better reading and listening skills. All the lessons are conducted in Portuguese, adding an additional challenge and opportunity to practice your skills.

Language Trainers


If you prefer instructor-led lessons, Language Trainers can hook you up. This resource offers a number of different advanced online Portuguese lessons to fit your needs.

You can take one-on-one lessons, two-on-one lessons and/or group classes—so if you have some friends who are also studying Portuguese, you might want to take lessons together through Language Trainers!



Online platform italki offers both one-on-one tutoring and language exchange, and you can use either (or both!) to advance your Portuguese to the next level.

To get the most out of your tutoring sessions, make sure you discuss your objectives with your tutor and ask him/her to put together lessons to meet your goals.

To use conversation exchange for Portuguese lessons, you’ll need to move past simple conversations. One way to do this is to plan your conversation topics ahead of time. This’ll allow you to study vocabulary to prepare and give you an opportunity to try out different verb tenses and grammar rules with someone who can correct you if you’re wrong.



Tandem is a language exchange app you can use to communicate with native speakers. You can speak with your partner directly through the app, so it’s very convenient.

To use Tandem as an advanced Portuguese lesson, just be sure to prepare ahead of time so you know what you’ll talk about and how it’ll benefit your goals. For instance, advanced students might choose more complex topics to use an array of special vocabulary, like business, politics or medical care.



Preply can help you connect with a great private tutor who’s a native speaker and/or certified teacher. Your lessons will be delivered via Skype and tutors are available 24/7, so you can easily fit the sessions into your schedule.

Lessons focus on the things you need, so they’re terrific for helping advanced Portuguese students perfect their language skills.

Why Take Advanced Portuguese Lessons Online?

Portuguese lessons can be hard to find in person. Unless you live in a big city, you might not have easy access to in-person Portuguese lessons, making online lessons your best (and only) option.

Plus, online Portuguese lessons are more flexible than in-person options. With in-person options, you usually don’t have much say in how lessons progress and simply follow them in the intended order. However, online lessons are often more flexible, allowing you to cater your coursework for your unique situation.

In addition to being flexible, online courses are also convenient. You can often take online lessons whenever and wherever you want!

Finally, the next lesson you take could be the final step to move you toward fluency. Once you’re at an advanced level, you’re so close to being fluent in Portuguese! High-quality online lessons might be the final push you need to get you there.

How to Learn the Most from Online Advanced Portuguese Lessons

Select an option that works with your lifestyle.

Advanced online lessons vary quite a bit, so choose one that works with your schedule and the amount of time you’re willing and able to commit.

For instance, if you only have five minutes a day to commit to studying, consider bite-sized lessons. If you’d rather get it all out of the way quickly, try an intensive course, instead.

Put in extra work outside of class.

Putting in extra work outside of your lessons can help your Portuguese skills advance much faster, so be sure to do some Portuguese learning even when you’re not in class.

Think in Portuguese. Watch Portuguese-language programs. Play Portuguese music. In other words, use the language as much as possible.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you’re at an advanced level, you probably don’t need to put much more effort into improving areas you’re already strong in. Instead, you’ll have to focus more on your weaknesses so you can improve them.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can help you find lessons that better target your specific needs, thereby rectifying any lingering issues you have.

Remember that learning is a marathon and not a sprint.

Learning takes time. Now that you’re at an advanced level, you won’t suddenly wake up fluent. Expecting results to happen too rapidly can be demotivating, so make sure that you’re prepared to keep taking lessons for the long haul.


Finding the right advanced lessons doesn’t need to be the hardest part of learning Portuguese. Check out these 11 resources for online advanced Portuguese lessons today!

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