Advanced Self-study: 6 Ways of Snagging Fluency in Your Target Language Through Home Learning

advanced language learning

Learning a new language is a wild adventure.

You’re introduced to new music, new movies, new people and new cultures!

The beginner stage is a particularly heady part of the love affair.

Progress is quick, and the rewards …

How to Master Writing in a Foreign Language: 5 Steps at Any Level

writing in a foreign language

Have you ever gotten an email full of spelling and grammatical mistakes?


Chances are you have, and chances are it didn’t leave a great impression.

When you write in a foreign language, you don’t want to be the …

Play to Learn: Triumph in Your Target Language by Listening to the Radio

language learning radio

So, you’ve started learning a language. Good for you!

You may be finding that learning curve to be pretty steep, but you’re going at it with all you’ve got.

You’re collecting textbooks by the dozen.

You’re hoarding foreign 

How to Learn a Foreign Language with Brainpower: 5 Winning Mindsets

how to learn foreign language

Do you want to know the ultimate tool for learning a new language?

It’s a simple, 7-letter word.

Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: It’s behind all the learning methods, techniques and hacks you’ve ever learned.…

The Language of Music: 19 Phenomenal Bilingual Songs That Connect Us All

bilingual songs

Bilingual music is the language lover’s dream realized.

It’s a pure, joyful celebration of the diverse world we inhabit.

And, as it turns out, it’s pretty freaking cool—bilingual music is starting to both dominate the charts and capture our hearts

The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Learning Any Language for Free

learn a language for free

I know, there are wastrels out there who will drop cash on university Spanish classes, or a Portuguese language school on a tropical island.

I’ve, ahem, done both, and in terms of linguistic bang for your buck, …

Take It Easy: 7 Useful Strategies for Smooth Reading in a Foreign Language

reading in foreign language

If you’re reading this, congratulations!

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn to read. From word to word, the same sounds in English are often spelled differently, or the same spellings are pronounced differently. Research has shown …

13 Inspiring Blogs by Fellow Language Learners Who Totally Get It

language learning blogs

Ever feel like you’re all alone out there in the big scary world of learning a new language?

Like, you’ve got all the “how-to” walkthroughs and “expert” advice you could ever hope for, but you’re just missing that human touch, …

Love “Serial”? Use Foreign Language Podcasts to Propel Yourself to Fluency!

foreign language podcasts


What does that word make you think of?

For millions of people, their first thought won’t be a serial number, serial code or serial killer, but rather a podcast.

“Serial” has completely captivated its audience, holding the record for …

Mind to Mouth: How to Speak a New Language Fluently Faster

how to speak a language fluently

You’re doing it wrong!

Well, only if you’re not focusing the brunt of your attention on speaking your new language.

Are you building your language learning process upon grammar rules and written exercises?

Focused on those little details of …