How to Make a Wise Choice When Deciding Which Second Language to Learn

which second language to learn

It’s 1:00 on a Friday afternoon.

You’re in 7th grade sitting in one of those stiff school desks.

Both of the kids beside you are sniffling. One of them has a cold and the other allergies.

The kid behind you …

Shooting for the Top: 5 Key Components of a Winning Language Study Plan

language study plan

Deciding to learn a new language is great!

Just making this decision is an important first step.

But it’s a little like deciding to lose 20 pounds.

It’s easy to start dieting and going to the gym “tomorrow,” “as soon …

Eat Your Heart Out, English! 12 Beautiful Words in Other Languages

beautiful words in other languages

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The truth is, words tend to get a bad rap.

Our world is inundated with visual stimulation. People need to see to believe. We …

Welcome to the Online Language Learning Community: 6 Sites We Call Home

online language learning community

It’s common for language learners to feel a bit isolated at times—especially when learning an uncommon language or self-teaching.

Even if you’re attending classes, doing homework and preparing for exams can be isolating activities.

Ready to make one

30 Languages for Travelers: The Handiest Languages You Can Learn Before Takeoff

languages for travelers

Travel and language were made for each other.

One doesn’t necessarily require the other, but either one is infinitely more enjoyable and worthwhile when paired with the other.

If you needed any more reasons to learn a foreign language, …

Learn or Die! 5 Epic Ways to Learn Languages by Playing Video Games

language learning video games

Video games provide constant electronic stimulation on a level that mankind has never seen before.

Immersing yourself in an action-packed, digital world has been shown to boost brain power and memory strength, increase connectivity between regions of your brain …

Advanced Self-study: 6 Ways of Snagging Fluency in Your Target Language Through Home Learning

advanced language learning

Learning a new language is a wild adventure.

You’re introduced to new music, new movies, new people and new cultures!

The beginner stage is a particularly heady part of the love affair.

Progress is quick, and the rewards …

How to Master Writing in a Foreign Language: 5 Steps at Any Level

writing in a foreign language

Have you ever gotten an email full of spelling and grammatical mistakes?


Chances are you have, and chances are it didn’t leave a great impression.

When you write in a foreign language, you don’t want to be the …

Play to Learn: Triumph in Your Target Language by Listening to the Radio

language learning radio

So, you’ve started learning a language. Good for you!

You may be finding that learning curve to be pretty steep, but you’re going at it with all you’ve got.

You’re collecting textbooks by the dozen.

You’re hoarding foreign 

How to Learn a Foreign Language with Brainpower: 5 Winning Mindsets

how to learn foreign language

Do you want to know the ultimate tool for learning a new language?

It’s a simple, 7-letter word.

Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: It’s behind all the learning methods, techniques and hacks you’ve ever learned.…