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25 Ways You Can Use Japanese Ki to Express Abstract Ideas


Wish you could express abstract ideas and emotions in Japanese?

Let’s talk ki!

The Japanese ki is going to rock your conversational world.

We won’t get drawn into the more complex concepts of energies and spirituality which are connected …

30 Metaphoric Japanese Expressions That You Need to Know


Okay—super nerdy reference alert.

You may or may not remember a little show called “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (I know, I know, just bear with me).

So, there was this great episode (called “Darmok,” if you’re into it!) where …

90+ Japanese Music Words for Talking About Your Favorite Band


So you’re well on your way to being fluent in Japanese?


To put it like The Beatles so aptly did, “It’s been a hard day’s night and you’ve been working like a dog.”

Then why is it you …

6 Quick, Painless Japanese Novels for Pleasant Reading

japanese novels

Well, well, well.

If it isn’t the Japanese novel.

So we meet again.

You may have beaten us before…but not this time.

This time—we’re prepared!

By this time in your Japanese learning career, you should be pretty darn …

The Complete Guide to Japanese Phrases for Your Favorite Restaurants Abroad

japanese restaurant phrases

So, you made it to Japan!

Now you’re happily curled up under the kotatsu in your apartment when you feel an urgent grumble in your stomach. You realize: You need some food!

But where to start? 牛丼(ぎゅうどん – beef …

“Feel My Joy!” and Other Intentions Behind Japanese Omiyage


Ever heard of omiyage?

Well, when a Japanese person tells you that it means “souvenir,” you’ll probably be picturing a keychain or a shot glass, right?

Oh, how this translation misguides you. 

If you’re headed to Japan, or …

“Akan!” and 11 Other Badass Ways to Use Osaka Dialect

Osaka dialect

Wondering what regional variations of Japanese sound like?

なんでやねん! (What the heck?!)

You’ve just gotten your first taste of Osaka dialect, or 大阪弁 (おおさかべん).

It’s only the best part of living in the Kansai region’s たこ焼き (たこやき, octopus dumplings)…