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Unslump Your Arabic! 5 Ways to Improve from a Learning Plateau


A language learning plateau is the worst!

Hard work seems to get you nowhere.

You were making progress, but now your Arabic skills seem stuck.

However, a plateau can actually be a great opportunity to restart your progress from a

The Arabic Dialects Showcase: How to Learn Authentic Language from Diverse Videos


Are you an eavesdropper?

Of course not! Your parents raised you right.

But now that you’re an Arabic language student, your manners are being tested.

When you overhear someone speaking Arabic on the bus, maybe you take out your …

8 Exquisite Arabic Audiobook Resources for Learners


How’s your Arabic literacy?

Maybe you’re already reading blogs in Arabic, or blogs that teach you Arabic.

Okay, now how about your cultural literacy?

Normally, language learners focus on their grammatical and speaking skills.

Cultural knowledge may come later, …

Read Arabic Now: 15 Awesome Arabic Blogs at 4 Different Levels of Difficulty


What are you reading in Arabic?

The news? Classic literature? “100% قطن” (cotton) on the inside of your jeans?

“Real” Arabic texts can seem at opposite ends of the spectrum—either requiring full fluency (and a BA or PhD in linguistics

Bookmark Now: 7 Wicked Cool Websites for Learning Arabic Online


Do you know the main difference between classroom and online Arabic studies?

They’re both hard work, but there’s a keener satisfaction that comes from self-directed studying online.

That’s because there’s no hand-holding when you use online resources to guide

8 Emotional Songs for Learning Arabic with Music


If your Arabic studies don’t include some heartbreak, you’re doing it wrong.

No, not the heartbreak of confusion, frustration or forgetfulness.

Those are just some natural outcomes of challenging yourself, and they can be alleviated by looking back …