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Learn Levantine Arabic with These 10 Movies


So, you want to supplement your Arabic studies by using movies as language learning resources.

Or maybe you just want to kick back and get lost in an amazing Arabic flick.

It is a fantastic idea—but it is not …

From the Alphabet to Authentic Texts: 6 Widely-used Arabic Textbooks


When you think of textbooks, do you think “old school”?

Even if you do, old school can be pretty cool.

Textbooks are some of the most traditional—and effective—tools for learning foreign languages.

They provide us with the basic …

Arabic Movies: 8 Unique Flicks to Take You Way Beyond Modern Standard Arabic


Movies are excellent for learning just about any language.

They provide valuable windows into both language and culture.

This is perhaps especially true when it comes to learning Arabic.

It’s a language that can die quickly in the mind if …