5 Arabic Cartoons to Laugh Your Way Through Language Learning


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In that case, a cartoon must be worth millions of words—and funny, colorful words at that!

Cartoons are designed to tap into a child’s innate way of learning. And what works

The 7 Best Arabic TV Shows for Language Learners


Would you rather clean the bathroom than do your Arabic textbook assignments?

That’s a problem.

But I’m willing to bet that you won’t actually clean your bathroom.

You’ll procrastinate your Arabic studies by doing something far more entertaining and …

Unslump Your Arabic! 5 Ways to Improve from a Learning Plateau


A language learning plateau is the worst!

Hard work seems to get you nowhere.

You were making progress, but now your Arabic skills seem stuck.

However, a plateau can actually be a great opportunity to restart your progress from a

Learn Arabic Dialects with These 10 Famous Singers!


Imagine how much Arabic you could learn if you had every Arabic dialect available at your fingertips.

What if you could simply tap a few keys and hear the difference between Egyptian Arabic and Gulf Arabic?

The truth is, you …

Arabic Learning Websites: 7 Incredible Ways to Learn Online


Have you seen the film “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”?

I know you want to learn Arabic the modern way—online with resource-loaded websites—but you should take a break from digital overload and explore a classic Arabic

Enter the Fantastic World of Easy Arabic Short Stories for Children


Children learn languages through a beautiful blend of reality and fantasy.

On one hand, they learn to attach words to things and ideas through their senses of sight, hearing and touch.

On the other hand, they learn language through …

9 of the Best Tools Available for Learning Arabic Today


“What’s the best tool or resource available to learn Arabic?”

If you’re learning Arabic, you’ve likely asked yourself that question over and over again.

The answer to that question will vary for each individual.

But the best answer is simple: …