9 Smart Resources for Stress-free TOEFL Listening Practice

toefl listening practice

How do you start practicing for the TOEFL Listening section?

You start very, very early.

At least several months before the TOEFL is recommended.

Even earlier is better, since it takes time to build up understanding and work on vocabulary.…

Score Higher: How to Make a Winning TOEFL Practice Test

toefl practice test

Want to get a high score on your TOEFL test?

Maybe you’ve already worked on your reading speed.

Or perhaps you’ve written many essays.

Well done! Now it’s time for one big final practice: a practice test.

Any good …

Read for Speed: 5 TOEFL Reading Tips and Test-taking Strategies for Total Success

TOEFL reading tips

The TOEFL test has four sections—and each section can make you beyond frustrated.

But there is no need for frustration anymore!

We are going to give you the best TOEFL study tips to make sure you succeed (and keep your

10 Simple Strategies to Pass the TOEFL Independent Writing Section


You only have thirty minutes to write an essay that showcases your awesome English skills.

But you’re paralyzed with anxiety, thinking “what if I make a huge mistake?”

You know what’s more important than avoiding major mistakes?

Knowing the best