Test Yourself: 18 Spanish Quiz Websites to Put Your Language Skills to the Test

What if I told you that self-assessment is even more important than real exams?

Or that you could learn more by reviewing your own mistakes than by having your answers corrected by a teacher?

No, I haven’t gone crazy. I’m just spilling the tea!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a language teacher and it’s my job to check my students’ homework. I give them tests and exams and I try to assess their progress every chance I get.

But after so many years of teaching, I’ve realized that reviewing your own work and consciously thinking about your mistakes can help you learn even more.

This is great news for anyone not learning with a Spanish teacher or in a class because it means that you can assess your own progress by yourself and even improve thanks to it.

All you need are some Spanish quizzes to get you started.

Luckily, we’ve got 18 amazing quiz resources right here for you!

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of self-guided quizzes and how to get the best results from them.

How Taking a Spanish Quiz Can Help Your Learning

What’s that? How can self-assessment allow someone to get better?

There are several reasons, but if I spent the following hour talking about them, you’d probably get very bored and leave.

However, I can tell you what I consider the three main pros of testing your language skills by yourself:

First of all, cramming information only to spit it all out in an exam and forget about it isn’t very conducive to learning.

When you correct your own mistakes and explain why you made the mistake in the first place, you feel obliged to think, understand, research and justify your answer. This means you’ll be able to find where your knowledge black holes are and consciously address the issues and fill the gaps.

Second of all, you’ll unconsciously learn while correcting your mistakes.

I always tell my students the same (true) story of a childhood friend of mine who spent a whole Sunday writing notes on the palm of his hand because he didn’t want to study. He came to school in tears because his notes had almost disappeared during the night… Then he sat through the exam and got 95%!

By working on what he didn’t know, he unintentionally learned, and so can a person who focuses on their errors and tries to correct them.

Last but not least, self-assessment is fun! It makes you more engaged in your learning path.

Even if you treat it like a break from studying or a competition with a friend, the fact remains that you engage in the activity and try to get the most of it. You might even like feeling like a teacher for a bit!

Now that you understand how useful taking Spanish quizzes can be, it’s time for you to start practicing self-assessment and put your language skills to the test.

In this post, you’ll find different sites where you can test your Spanish and learn from your mistakes. Remember that every mistake is just a chance to have a deeper look at the topic in question and learn more about it.

You’ll discover areas that may be problematic, which will motivate you to revisit and perfect them. There may also be topics that feel like a walk in the park, and that should make you feel proud of yourself!

But above all, you’ll learn how to be one step closer to your objective of fluency! And I’m sure you’ll take advantage of self-assessment many, many times in the years to come.

Get ready to test your Spanish!

18 Spanish Quiz Websites to Put Your Language Skills to the Test

I’ve divided this list of websites into three groups: placement tests, vocab and grammar quizzes and some fun extras.

Use the placement tests to get a general overview of the status quo of your Spanish, then go on to the other quizzes in order to discover and improve the areas where you need more work.

Spanish Level Tests

Placement/level tests allow you to assess where you are exactly in your road to becoming a master of the Spanish language. Try the following tests to discover if you’re still at a beginner level or if you’ve leveled up to another category!

Cambridge Institute


The Cambridge Institute’s placement test is a 60-question test in which you choose one out of six possible answers in order to complete the sentences correctly.

It covers Spanish grammar (tenses, prepositions, etc.) and vocabulary in depth. Even though the last 20 questions are really challenging, the first 20 are very accessible for all levels.

You don’t have a time limit to complete the test, but you do need to do it all in one sitting. Don’t close the website or you’ll lose all your progress!

When you complete your test, you’re asked for your name and email address. After around 15 minutes, you’ll get an email with your score and level as well as a link to a table showing you where you fall on the language-learning spectrum.



The placement test on the Cervantes website is divided into five levels. You have to pass one level in order to be allowed to progress to the next one.

Once you’ve finished a level, you get the answers to the questions you got wrong and are either told your level of Spanish or are granted access to the next stage of the test. If you don’t pass one level, your test ends.

The questions in the Cervantes test are everyday sentences you have to complete with one of three options.

As expected from Cervantes, the test covers practically all aspects of grammar and vocabulary possible, but it does it in a very approachable way, so even beginners can have a go at it!

Spanish Express


Enter your name and email address to get access to this 40-question placement test.

I must confess that this is one of the easiest tests I’ve ever seen and the results tend to be about two levels higher than they really should be (I answered 20 of the 40 questions wrong on purpose and got a C2-Proficiency level!).

However, as the first contact with placement tests, this would be a perfect choice.



Even though the Lengalia placement test is the shortest in this list (it only has 20 questions), it’s one of my favorites because it includes not only grammar and vocabulary but also reading comprehension and listening exercises!

The test is fairly short and easy, but it’s very, very accurate when it comes to the level it places you in.

Give it a try if you want to check all your skills at once!


I know this 30-question test may look a little… less fancy when compared to the other ones in this list, but it’s another great way to test your Spanish language skills if you’re a beginner or intermediate learner.

The test includes all kinds of challenging exercises, but only up to level B2—so if you’re an advanced student, this isn’t the test for you.

Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes

The following websites are the perfect places to practice different areas of learning and self-assessment, with a special focus on grammar and vocabulary Spanish quizzes. Get ready for an explosion of quizzes!



This website’s the perfect place to do hundreds of quizzes and exercises and get feedback within seconds!

The exercises are divided by level (choose the one you want on the left side of your screen), and each level is divided into different categories: grammar exercises, situation exercises, cultural studies and vocabulary exercises.

Each category contains different topics, so you can choose the one you want to review or study. Individual topics also include different exercises, which you can see on the left-hand side of the page.

When you finish an exercise, click on “Check Answer” to see how you’ve done.



FluentU offers quizzes with a twist: Each quiz adapts to your learning and only questions you on words you haven’t mastered yet.

These quizzes are used in conjunction with FluentU’s main mode of learning, in the form of authentic, immersive video clips. Check it out:

Quizzes follow the video or audio lessons and are targeted toward testing material learned in the lesson. Key words from the video are introduced first with a memorable image and a few different example sentences, then you’re tested on their meanings through multiple-choice questions.

spanish quiz

A nice feature is that if you already know a word, you can just tell the program that and you won’t get tested on it again. If you want to study a word more, you can also add it to your vocab list for later review (conveniently, you can add any word from the quizzes to your vocab list, not just the word you’re being tested on).

Try it in your browser or download the app for on-the-go learning.


Quiz Tree has a great assortment of Spanish language vocabulary quizzes. A number of topics are covered, including entertainment, family, people, occupations, medical issues and much more.

Most of the quizzes are multiple-choice. The interesting and useful part of these quizzes is that they indicate results as each question is answered. If you give an incorrect response it counts toward the final score but there’s the opportunity to give a second response.

This site is a great page to test your Spanish, especially if you’re a beginner or intermediate learner. The quizzes are divided into many different categories and each category has different exercises and levels.

This is also a great place if you want to test your listening skills because every single word and expression has a recording by a Spanish native speaker.

The “occupations” section of this quiz resource offers two crossword puzzles. This is a fun, challenging method of testing this material.

None of these quizzes are time-intensive so learners can try a few for an extra bit of vocabulary review in a short burst!



I use this page often with my first-year students because it’s very colorful and interactive. Besides, each student can choose the type of games or quizzes they want to do.

Select the type of exercise you want to try and you’ll see a really long list of topics on the left side of your screen. Choose the topic you want to practice and an exercise or game will be generated for you to have fun while learning.

It really can’t get more personalized than that!

Aprender Español


Among all the sites included in this post, this is undoubtedly the one I use the most often. It’s an incredibly complete site on Spanish learning!

When you open the page you’ll notice that there are three levels to choose from, for beginners, intermediate learners and advanced warriors.

These levels include pages full of every kind of test you could possibly imagine. There are over 10 different quizzes for each skill level. The exercises included in these five pages are mainly about grammar and vocabulary, but there’s much more to be done on this site!

If you go to the main page you’ll have a list of topics in Spanish. Click on the topic of your choice and you’ll get a full list of exercises specifically covering that topic!

If you have a look on the left side of your screen, you’ll find yet another list of categories, from grammar to vocabulary, readings, dictations, videos and podcasts. You can literally find everything there! Click on a category and a new tab will open with a list of exercises and quizzes covering that category.

What more could you ask for?



If you want to test your Spanish vocabulary, JetPunk is the place for you. Scroll down a little until you reach the “All Spanish Language Vocabulary Quizzes” section and choose the topic you want to work on.

This page is especially nice because it makes you focus 100% on what you’re doing, and the reason is… the quizzes are timed! Once you click on “Start Quiz,” a countdown starts, making you feel that nervous rush you’d feel in a real exam. I love that!

At the end of your quiz, you’ll get your scoring and some answer stats in case you’re interested.

The site also has a level-up system, so the more you test yourself, the higher your level will be. Let the competition begin.



Are numbers your kryptonite? Not anymore!

With this targeted quiz, you’ll be able to practice numbers over and over again until you become a pro!

Decide the type of numbers you want to practice (cardinal or ordinal), choose your quiz level and get ready to rock those Spanish numbers.


spanish quiz

Most of these Spanish vocabulary quizzes are easy enough for beginning learners but are also a good review for more advanced learners. They’re designed so that they aren’t presented in a repetitive format. Some are strictly multiple-choice translations, some ask questions that require learners to choose the correct reply and others are fill-in-the-blanks.

Scoring is instant so there’s no guesswork about how you’re doing. Also, the answers give statistics on how other learners did on any particular question. That’s a neat way to gauge your skills against the random Spanish learners who also take the quizzes!

Education Quizzes

spanish quiz

Education Quizzes is a jackpot for Spanish language learners. The resource offers more than 100 quizzes in each of three categories: easy review, medium review and difficult review.

These quizzes cover every aspect of language learning. Grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary and culture all receive lots of attention. The quizzes provide correct answers after each question is answered. Additionally, the Spanish answers that aren’t chosen are translated—a great way to gain some additional vocabulary learning!

Especially interesting are the quizzes that deal with culture. There are photographs of various aspects of Spanish culture so learners get a glimpse at some beautiful things while powering up their skills!

Just for Fun: More Spanish Quizzes Galore!

These quizzes are less vocab or grammar intensive, and more on the fun side. Some are user-generated while others are hosted on websites you might not expect to find Spanish quizzes.

Take one in your spare time just to see how well you do—and yes, you can learn something from them, too, of course!



I know BuzzFeed isn’t the place you’d normally go to in order to take a Spanish language test, but this basic Spanish quiz is fun enough to be included on this list.

The questions are very random and don’t follow any specific topic or level, but it’s especially useful as it tests your Spanish reading comprehension. A quiz is a quiz!

BuzzFeed actually has a number of other Spanish quizzes you can take, like this excellent quiz to learn basic conversation skills, an easy English to Spanish vocabulary quiz and more. Do a search to find more!


I was very hesitant about this page when I first found it. All the tests? That’s like an ice-cream parlor stating they have all the flavors in the world!

When I had a look, however, I was pleasantly surprised. This resource contains over 75 Spanish tests and quizzes to choose from.

Each test has from zero to five stars depending on how other users have rated it and contains a brief description of its content, the number of questions and the name of the test’s creator.

There are all kinds of topics to choose from, including colors, greetings, negative commands, business Spanish, verbs and more. If you’re at the beginning of your language journey, I really recommend you start with this site!


spanish quiz

Sporcle may be the most fun I’ve had with Spanish quizzes in a while. The quizzes are separated into four categories: popular today, newest, popular all-time and unplayed. Learners choose a category, then choose quizzes.

I had a blast with these. Test your knowledge of movies in Spanish, naming global cities, trivia, missing words and so much more. The results of your quiz are given immediately following the quiz, along with an assessment of how you did!

Just a heads up: I intentionally did poorly on a quiz to see what the results would be. The little comment at the end made me laugh out loud—apparently, slightly snarky remarks come with this resource!

Spanish Playground

spanish quiz

Sometimes, a printable, take-away quiz option is exactly what a Spanish language learner needs. Spanish Playground is a great resource for this type of material!

If you’re looking to power up your vocabulary skills, you’ve found the ideal resource. Color games, holiday bingo games, vocabulary games about geography, body parts, animals and more provide enough quiz options to keep learners busy for a while.

While this site’s resources are targeted toward children who are learning Spanish, the material works for adult learners, too. I printed some of these games, stuck them in my backpack and used them when I was offline. They served their purpose and helped review basic vocabulary with minimal effort. Plus, the printable flashcards were a lot lighter to tote around than a Spanish dictionary would have been!


This concludes our list of 18 great websites where you can test your Spanish language skills by yourself. Remember the importance of carrying out your own assessment and don’t forget that practice makes perfect!

If you feel your Spanish is getting rusty or needs a little push forward, visit the sites covered in this post and you’ll get back on track in a jiffy!

Become your own teacher and it’ll take you one step closer to fluency.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Stay curious and happy learning!

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