11 Powerful Android Apps to Learn Every Aspect of Spanish

Spanish Android apps can help you learn Spanish from the comfort of your smartphone!

Need a translation? Check out a translator app!

Flashcard apps will help you learn new Spanish words.

Meanwhile, Spanish learning apps will help you master all aspects of the language.

Let’s check out 11 of the best Android apps to dial up your Spanish skills.


Why Use a Spanish Android App?

Having Spanish language apps on your Android device means that you can carry powerful learning tools with you wherever you go.

With dictionary apps and translator apps in particular, it’s quick and easy to look up any unfamiliar word you might encounter—no need to lug around a Spanish-English dictionary!

But it’s not just about quick translations. With flashcard apps and general Spanish learning apps (we’ll discuss several in this post) you can boost your vocabulary on your commute, in between meetings or whenever else you have time to grab your phone. The more words you know, the more you’ll be able to communicate!

Remember, you don’t need to stick to just one Spanish app to improve your language proficiency. Whether you want to improve reading comprehension or boost your communication skills, there are a variety of apps that’ll cater to memorization, the Spanish fundamentals and more.

Mix and match apps to find the combination that works best for you!

11 Android Apps to Learn Spanish

General Learning Apps

Learning apps focus on both grammar and vocabulary, making them great all-around tools for Spanish students looking to improve their skills and work toward fluency.

Learn 50 Languages by 50languages


Learn 50 Languages offers a nice selection of languages, including Spanish.

There are 100 lessons per language. These lessons aim to prepare beginner Spanish students for common situations such as shopping, small talk and more. They use audio, printed words and often images to keep you engaged. Other features and activities include vocabulary games, quizzes, study plan assistance and more.

Additionally, you can pair different languages together so that explanations of grammar rules and word translations appear in the language you choose. This means that you can set your native language (as long as it’s one of the 50 available languages) and pair it with Spanish to make learning easier.

For instance, if your native language is German, you’ll see the German translations of Spanish words and German explanations of Spanish grammar rules.

You can download the basic app for free. Additional in-app purchases cost $2.99 to $9.99 per item.


FluentU is a learning program that uses authentic videos to teach Spanish.

Through videos like movie clips, commercials, music videos and more, the program aims to make vocabulary learning contextual, entertaining and effective.  

Each video has interactive subtitles which allow you to check the definition of any word used in the clip without leaving the video player. These definitions are contextual, which means you’ll be getting the meaning of the word as it’s used in that particular instance.

You can also add the word to your flashcards if you want to review it again later. FluentU’s flashcards are multimedia, so for each word or phrase, you’ll see an associated image, example sentences, audio pronunciation grammar info and even other videos where the word is used.

Phrasebook – Learn Languages by Bravolol


Phrasebook – Learn Languages offers more than a dozen language options, including Spanish. The app also works offline for convenient learning on the go.

This app is fun and engaging to use due to its bright, colorful design and a friendly parrot companion that’ll speak with you and provide correct pronunciations. The app focuses primarily on teaching commonly-used words and phrases. Each phrase includes the printed text and audio of the pronunciation. You can also “favorite” phrases to make helpful vocabulary lists.

Plus, you can record yourself saying phrases and compare your pronunciation to the audio in order to perfect your accent.

You can download a limited free version or buy a premium version to unlock all content. In-app purchases run from $4.99 to $9.99.

Learn Spanish: Listen to Learn by Vaikeo


If you need a healthy dose of variety in your Spanish language regimen, Learn Spanish: Listen to Learn is a good option for you. The versatile app offers an array of features including:

  • A selection of podcast lessons, which focus primarily on teaching conversational skills and come with transcripts
  • A phrasebook featuring more than 800 common Spanish phrases
  • More than 100 grammar lessons teaching valuable rules from beginner to advanced

You can download the basic app for free with ads. Additional in-app purchases are also available.

Learn Spanish – Español by Wlingua


Learn Spanish – Español teaches Mexican and Castilian Spanish for beginner through advanced students.

The app focuses on using easy explanations to help you understand verb conjugations, grammar and vocabulary.

Learn Spanish – Español offers fun, bright animations to show you what words mean. You can hear the Mexican and Castilian Spanish pronunciations of each word or phrase. The app also offers 420 lessons along with writing, reading and listening activities. These will provide you with a well-balanced Spanish education.

The basic download is free and allows restricted access to parts of the app. You can upgrade to a premium account for access to all content and learning materials.

Dictionary Apps

Dictionary apps can provide definitions, translations and other information on individual words—they’re great for getting to the meat of the language.

Most dictionaries offer English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English options. Along with the Spanish words, there will usually be definitions, example sentences, information on the part of speech and audio pronunciation.

Spanish Dictionary by INNOVATIVE-SOFTWARE


Spanish Dictionary is a free app (supported by ads) that provides convenient offline content, so you can continue learning even without an internet connection.

You can search in either Spanish or English. One awesome feature for language learners is that you can share information between this app and other apps, allowing you to look up words you encounter while, say, reading a Spanish blog or chatting with your Spanish-speaking friends.

For every word you look up, you’ll get the definition as well as the part of speech, antonyms and an example. There are also audio pronunciations of the words provided.

If you want to use Spanish Dictionary as a learning tool rather than just a dictionary, it also offers multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

Offline English Spanish Dict. by movin’App


Offline English Spanish Dict. offers an offline dictionary featuring nearly 86,000 words.

The app allows you to look up words from English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English. When you type a word, a list of possible options in the target language will appear. This app also lets you bookmark translations, which is especially useful if you’re someone who likes to save what you’ve learned for future reference or if you want to check your memory.

Additionally, the Offline English Spanish Dict. app can share information with email, text messaging and more, so it’s easy to share new words and phrases with other Spanish learners, or send them to yourself for future review.

The app is free but features ads. You can also purchase an upgrade to go ad-free.

Translator Apps

Translator apps offer an easy way to translate a block of text. They’re particularly useful for travelers, but they’re also a helpful way for Spanish students to confirm that they’ve understood a given text and/or practice their skills.

Google Translate


Google Translate, the popular translator program, is available as an Android app. You can translate between 103 languages, including Spanish and English.

It’s a slick app with a lot to offer, especially if you’re using other practice methods or Spanish immersion to learn the language. For instance, you can copy text in other apps and tap for a translation, which is great if you’re practicing Spanish with native speakers.

If you’re traveling in a Spanish-speaking country, you can use your camera to scan and translate printed text with this app. You can also instantly translate spoken words. Some features are even available offline.

With so much to offer, Google Translate is any traveler or Spanish student’s best friend.

Plus, the Google Translate app is free.

Spanish English Translator by DictionaryAndTranslation


Spanish English Translator offers a simple, easy-to-use format that allows you to translate between Spanish and English. Simply enter your text and the app will provide a written and audio translation—easy peasy. You can also share translations on social media for an easy way to upgrade your usual posts.

This free app is supported by ads.

Flashcard Apps

Flashcard apps aim to teach you new vocabulary through targeted repetition. Seeing and hearing words often will help you remember them, so flashcard apps are a great way to acquire new vocabulary rapidly even if you only have a few minutes at a time to commit to the activity.

Learn Spanish Words Free by Language Course S.L.


Learn Spanish Words Free is a free app that aims to teach you Spanish vocabulary in just 10 minutes a day. It also works offline, so you can learn even in Wi-Fi wastelands.

The app contains more than 10,000 flashcards. Each flashcard contains an associated image along with the printed word and an audio pronunciation. If you’re in the car or away from your device, you can also use listening-only mode to further your learning. The app even offers a “sleep learning” mode that aims to help you learn Spanish while you sleep.

Learn Spanish Words Free focuses on teaching you valuable, frequently used words and phrases first so you’ll learn the most important material right away. Spaced repetition helps you enter vocabulary into your memory.

Learn Spanish Words Free provides vocabulary for beginners through advanced students, so it’s perfect for learners of any proficiency level.

Spanish Verbs Conjugations by MediaYog


Spanish Verbs Conjugations aims to teach you valuable action words and their conjugations. This free app includes 250 verbs. Virtually all the common endings are featured, including in the indicative, subjunctive, conditional and imperative moods.

This makes Spanish Verbs Conjugations a great option to get you prepared for conversing with native speakers in real-world situations. You’ll also beef up your vocabulary and grammar more generally.

Additionally, you choose whether to enable vosotros (plural “you”). Vosotros is widely used in Spain, but it’s seldom used in Latin America. Because of this, if you want to communicate in Castilian Spanish, you’ll need to be familiar with vosotros, but if you’re using Latin American Spanish, you don’t really need to know it.

By offering you the option of enabling vosotros, Spanish Verbs Conjugations allows you make the conjugations pertinent for any region.

Plus, Spanish Verbs Conjugations is appropriate for any level of language learner since you can focus on whatever conjugations you choose.


These 11 great Spanish Android apps will help you put the “smart” in “smartphone”!

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