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10 Best Roku Spanish Channels that Are Entertaining Language Learning Gems

People are ditching cable at rapid rates while streaming TV services become more and more popular.

You might already have a streaming device like a Roku or are thinking about getting one. You probably already have your reasons—whether you love a good Netflix binge or you just hate channel surfing.

Your Roku is a key to a whole world of Spanish media and language lessons. You can get them straight to your TV, on your schedule.

We’ll show you how, with 10 diverse Roku channels for all kinds and levels of learners. 


Best Roku Spanish Channels to Learn the Language with Streaming TV

1. Sling TV Latino

Price: $10 per month with free seven day trial

You may already be familiar with Sling TV, a live TV streaming service where you can pick-and-choose your channels. Sling TV Latino allows users to customize their channels by language (Spanish or English) or region (Mexico, South America, the Caribbean or Spain).

Watch the news in Spanish with Univison, binge Spanish telenovelas and get your soccer fix with tons of Spanish-language sports coverage.

Not only does Sling TV Latino stream popular Spanish channels, but it also streams English channels in Spanish.

2. Spanish Roku

Price: From $9.99 to 24.99 per month

Spanish Roku isn’t an alternative Roku device. Similar to Sling TV, it’s an app you can install on your Roku and then stream live Spanish TV from tons of channels across the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Roku is specifically designed to stream content from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico with over 150 channels. These include news, sports, drama and comedy channels, even Animal Planet.

3. Innovative Language Spanish

Price: Free

While many of the channels in this list connect you with authentic Spanish media, Innovative Language is designed specifically for Spanish language learners. This channel provides Spanish lessons that are intended to get you speaking right from the start.

You’ll hear native speakers and learn everyday phrases, conversations, culture notes, vocabulary and more. You’ll also see concepts broken down on screen so they’re easy to understand and remember.

You can even extend your practice away from your TV with SpanishPod101, Innovative Language\’s popular video and audio podcast lessons. SpanishPod101 is built on the same principles as the Roku channel, helping you absorb native Spanish speech and designing lessons that are effective but fun and manageable.

There are nearly 2,000 SpanishPod101 lessons available and more are added all the time!

4. Univision Now

Univision Now logo

Price: $10.99 per month

Univision Now is a comprehensive streaming platform that grants access to a diverse array of Spanish-language programming. From heart-pounding telenovelas to up-to-the-minute news coverage, and from exhilarating sports events to engaging entertainment shows, it offers a rich tapestry of content from the renowned Univision network.

Stay connected to the pulse of Hispanic culture and entertainment with Univision Now.

5. Vix

Vix logo

Price: Free, or $6.99 per month for Vix+

Vix is a giant in Spanish-language entertainment, so this is a great go-to when you’ve got a group with eclectic tastes in TV shows.

Offering a diverse range of content, including movies, television shows and telenovelas, there’s a lot here on Vix, one of the largest Spanish language channels on Roku.

Movies? They’ve got them. Talk shows? Those are here, too? And there’s plenty of TV shows to choose from, too, from the most dramatic to the most artful.

There’s even a little kids’ programming, if you’ve got little ones around.

Vix+ has even more selection and no ads.

6. Estrella TV

Estrella TV logo

Price: Free

Estrella TV offers a wonderfully eclectic but carefully curated selection of telenovelas, dramatic TV shows and plenty of other entertaining options like game shows, talk shows and pop culture shows that will be sure to interest everyone in some way.

Because the channel is based in Mexico, it’s great for those who like, or want to learn, the Mexican accent of Spanish, or just want to dive into Mexican culture from their sofa, no matter where you are in the world.

7. Latino PBS

Price: Free

Before you think this is the Spanish version of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), RokuGuide explains that it’s not. Instead, TVC+ created Latino PBS and it combines programming from six Mexican networks into one channel, primarily for Mexican and U.S. viewers.

Latino PBS has diverse programming options ranging from news to movies to sports.

This channel also has bilingual programming on a range of subjects, so this is a great channel to start learning Spanish.

8. Azteca Más

Azteca Mas logo

Price: Free

Azteca Mas is a powerhouse in Mexican television, so having a free Roku version is a real plus anywhere around the world. The channel features a lively blend of telenovelas, up-to-the-minute news, reality shows and pop culture/entertainment programs that is sure to interest most people. They also show dramatic films.

The channel has a true Mexican flair that’s particularly good for Spanish learners who want to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

9. Kids TV Español Latino

Price: Free

While Spanish TV shows and movies intended for adult audiences are very beneficial, they can be difficult to understand. Spanish kids’ TV is made specifically to grow their vocabularies, teach them life lessons and be entertaining. Plus they tend to sing fun, ear-catching songs.

Kids TV Español Latino features videos from the popular YouTube creators behind Kids TV and Kids Channel, and bills itself as “tu destino ideal por videos de ‘edutenimiento’” (“your ideal destination for ‘edutainment'”). Kids TV Español Latino will teach you the basics about numbers, colors, animals and some very cute songs.

10. Canela.TV

Canela TV logo

Price: Free

Canela TV is like your go-to destination for all things Spanish-language entertainment. From gripping telenovelas to engaging series, blockbuster movies, informative news segments and even lifestyle shows, it’s a digital television network that’s got it all. Its main goal? Making sure you get top-notch content that really speaks to the interests and tastes of Hispanic audiences.

And let’s talk variety! Canela TV serves up an impressive mix of genres, whether you’re in the mood for heart-pounding drama, a good laugh with comedy, a taste of reality TV, a culinary adventure with cooking shows or even a dose of insightful talk shows. This channel is basically your one-stop-shop for an all-encompassing entertainment experience, tailor-made for Spanish-speaking viewers like you.


Roku is an awesome way to augment your Spanish language and culture education.

Grab your Roku remote and get streaming!

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