Spanish Imperfect Tenses Trivia Quiz

1. Cuando era niño [soler] jugar en el parque todos los días.
(When I was a kid, I used to play in the park every day.)
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2. Él siempre [llegar] tarde a las reuniones.
(He always used to arrive late to meetings.)
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3. Nosotros [vivir] en una casa pequeña cerca del mar.
(We used to live in a small house near the sea.)
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4. Durante el verano, [visitar] a nuestros abuelos en el campo.
(During the summer, we used to visit our grandparents in the countryside.)
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5. Antes, ella [trabajar] como profesora de inglés.
(Before, she used to work as an English teacher.)
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6. Ellos [soler] cantar canciones tradicionales en las fiestas.
(They used to sing traditional songs at parties.)
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7. Yo siempre [caminar] hasta la escuela cuando era joven.
(I always used to walk to school when I was young.)
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8. Mis padres [contarse] historias antes de dormir.
(My parents used to tell me stories before sleeping.)
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9. En aquellos tiempos, la tecnología no [ser] tan avanzada como ahora.
(In those times, technology wasn't as advanced as it is now.)
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10.Los domingos, [ir] al parque y pasábamos horas jugando al fútbol.
(On Sundays, we used to go to the park and spend hours playing soccer.)
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Spanish Imperfect Tenses Trivia Quiz
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