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Furniture in Spanish: 50+ Must-know Words for Your Next Trip to Spain and IKEA

If you’ve ever underestimated the importance of knowing the words for different furniture in Spanish, think again.

Furniture might not be something we think about every day, but it’s definitely something we talk about (and use) every day.

Plus, furniture vocabulary gives a glimpse into Spanish culture and the people who fill their homes with these items!

So let’s learn all the essentials for talking about furniture in Spanish.


6 Tips for Learning Furniture in Spanish

Before diving into the must-know furniture words, let’s take a look at six tips for mastering furniture in Spanish quickly.

Keep it fun and interesting.

Anything that sparks interest or you find engaging is bound to catch your attention. If a topic is entertaining or the act of learning is an adventure to you, you’re more apt to look forward to learning.

So approach the topic with a super curious mind, no matter how basic it might seem!

Take a course in Spanish furniture or home décor.

Learn about different furniture styles, types of wood used in furniture construction and other house décor topics. Learning more about the subject will give you additional conversational topics and an enhanced perspective, too!

Go shopping!

This is the perfect time for some browsing. Check out lots of furniture and talk in Spanish to salespeople. Don’t be afraid to begin conversations! Ask questions and make notes when you hear interesting answers.

Again, this adventure will help expand your vocabulary (and give you plenty of memories!).

Online learning is a great option for gathering furniture information.

If you’re in an area where there aren’t any in-person alternatives, consider online learning. Many libraries and universities offer online furniture and home decorating courses.

I’ve actually taken a few, and they can be loads of fun and wonderfully educational. Also, some cities offer virtual home tours!

Don’t forget sticky notes!

Sticky notes are an incredibly simple yet effective method for learning any kind of Spanish vocabulary. And using them to learn furniture in Spanish is super fun—it’s almost like you’re turning your home into a giant game!

Use the sticky notes consistently for the best results and name every single piece of furniture you see, use or just pass by. You’ll gain furniture vocabulary skills in record time with this approach!

Furniture in Spanish: 50+ Must-know Words for Your Next Trip to Spain and IKEA

Home furnishings are an important part of life—no matter where you live. Spanish homes are no exception and they showcase some of the most beautiful furnishings I’ve ever seen!

Spanish furniture can range from understated to intricately elegant, depending on the Spanish country you’re visiting.

Additionally, Spanish furniture is made in a wide variety of materials, including many beautiful woods.

Learning important Spanish furniture words will power up your conversational skills. Whether you chat about furniture in your own living room or in a Spanish home on the other side of the world, knowing this vocabulary will give you more conversational topics.

And now that you’re equipped with the best methods for mastering furniture in Spanish, let’s take a look at the words you need to know!

Essential Spanish Words About Bedroom Furniture

furniture in spanish

El dormitorio (The bedroom)

La cama (The bed)

La mesa de noche (The night table)

La cómoda (The dresser)

El armario (The wardrobe)

La almohada (The pillow)

Essential Spanish Words About Office Furniture

furniture in spanish

La oficina (The office)

El estudio (The study)

El escritorio (The desk)

El estante de libros (The bookcase)

La librería (The bookstore)

Los libros (The books)

El teléfono (The telephone)

Essential Spanish Words About Living Room Furniture

furniture in spanish

La sala de estar (The living room)

La estancia (The family room)

El sillón (The armchair)

La silla (The chair)

La mesa de centro (The coffee table)

El taburete (The stool)

La alfombra (The carpet)

La televisión (The TV)

La lámpara (The lamp)

La mesa (The table)

El sofá (The sofa)

Las cortinas (The curtains)

Essential Spanish Words About Kitchen Furniture

furniture in spanish

La cocina (The kitchen)

El refrigerador (The refrigerator)

La estufa (The stove)

El horno (The oven)

El horno microondas (The microwave oven)

El lavavajillas (The dishwasher)

El tostador (The toaster)

La licuadora (The blender)

El armario de la cocina (The kitchen cupboard)

Essential Spanish Words About Bathroom and Laundry Room Furniture


El baño (The bathroom)

La bañera (The bathtub)

El fregadero de baño (The bathroom sink)

El inodoro (The toilet)

La ducha (The shower)

Las toallas (The towels)

El espejo (The mirror)

El estante (The shelf)

La lavadora (The washing machine)

La secadora (The clothes dryer)

La plancha de ropa (The iron)

La tabla de planchar (The ironing board)

Bonus Words and Phrases About Furniture in Spanish!

Los muebles (The furniture)

Me gustan mucho estos muebles. (I like this furniture very much.)

La casa (The house)

Una casa se ve bonita cuando está amueblada. (A house is pretty when it is furnished.)

La ventana (The window)

Las cortinas de la ventana son azules y verdes. (The curtains at the window are blue and green.)

La puerta (The door)

Hay una alfombra junto a la puerta. (There is a rug by the door.)

El cuarto (The room)

Este cuarto está lleno de hermosos muebles. (This room is filled with beautiful furniture.)

Extra Practice with Furniture in Spanish

Congratulations! You can now chat with anyone about your surroundings in Spanish—and see how quickly you make friends.

This is something I know to be true.

I once complimented a woman on the table I saw in her courtyard in Madrid. Before I knew it, I was sitting at that same table with her, sharing a cup of coffee!

It was an authentic experience that happened just because I knew some Spanish furniture vocabulary.

That incident goes to show that once we learn about a topic in Spanish and are willing to enter into a conversation with someone, anything can happen!

Of course, not all encounters will go as smoothly as mine did.

So if you need some extra practice with these words, FluentU is a language learning app that can show you how native speakers discuss furniture-related terms in Spanish media. Simply type in a vocabulary word from above in the search bar to watch and learn how to use the terms in various contexts.

To maximize your learning experience, the media clips are equipped with interactive subtitles, which allow you to check definitions, sample sentences and related videos as you’re watching. You can also add any words from the subtitles to your custom flashcards or vocab list and take quizzes based on the videos you watch.

Have fun and good luck!

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