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The Curious Case of Colombian Spanish


Finally planning that backpacking trip through Latin America?

Putting those Spanish speaking abilities to the test?

Then I highly suggest making Colombia your first stop!


For one, because the city of Barranquilla, Colombia is considered la puerta

Tons of Regional Spanish Fruit Names You’ll Hear in Latin America


Manzana, uva, piñanaranja, banana—or is it banano? Guineo?

The last three words are actually all correct ways to say “banana,” it’s just a matter of regional preference.

You’re probably thinking this will be …

¡Qué Chimba! 79 Cool Colombian Slang Words You’ve Gotta Know


Craving coffee, exotic fruits and Shakira?

How about Gabriel García Márquez, emeralds, aguardiente and salsa dancing?

Well, get on the next plane to Colombia then!

It’s the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country by area after ArgentinaMéxico

7 Spanish Slang Words for “Hangover” from Latin America and Europe

hangover spanish

Going on a trip to Latin AmericaSpain? Or what about the Caribbean?

You might end up with a hangover—maybe just not the kind of hangover you were expecting. I’m talking about a linguistic hangover.

We …