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Assorted Accents, Structures and Styles: 9 Different Types of Spanish


Spanish comes in a wide array of regional flavors.

In other words, dialects.

But to the learner, this can sometimes seem more confusing than appealing.

Frustrated by the vast variety of Spanish accents?

Troubled by the conflicting vocab and confusing

Dominican Spanish: 5 Linguistic Twists You’ve Got to Know

Dominican spanish

Dominicans have an energy and style that’s totally beyond compare!

There are so many beautiful words that you need in your vocabulary, words like aguacero (heavy rain), callao (a pebble or a dance) and ratatá (really cool).

Dominicans also have …

Dominicanismos: 37 Dominican Slang Words for Your Next Caribbean Getaway

dominican slang

Ask any Spanish speaker and they’ll tell you: Dominicans have their own way of doing things.

Their language is a cool fusion of indigenous and European languages like no other.

As well as being full of Dominicanismos, their language …

Havana Nights: The Cuban Spanish Lessons You Need for Authentic Island Fun

cuban spanish

Did you learn everything you know about Cuba from “Dirty Dancing 2”?

Fancy learning to chat and move like a real local?

If you want to learn how to speak Spanish like a Cuban, you’ve come to the right …