The 10 Best Russian Translator Apps in 2024

Learning the Russian language, to say the least, is very challenging. But with the right resources, you can learn the basics quickly. 

With a Russian translator app, you can read, speak and understand Russian.

I’ve tested out a lot of apps throughout my Russian learning journey and found the best ones out there. 

So read on to learn more about the best Russian translator apps for beginners and advanced learners. 


1. Best Overall: Google Translate

Available: iOS | Android

Price: Free


Google Translate is a popular online translator and familiar to all. It’s also available as a free app.

It includes 103 languages, though there are reduced services for many of the less-common languages. Luckily for you, Russian is pretty popular, so there are a lot of services available!

For instance, you can translate offline, which is great for travelers. You can type, handwrite or speak words for instant translation. You can even photograph printed text for a speedy translation, so if you visit Russia, you’ll never have to worry about not understanding something. 

2. Best for Extra Features: iTranslate

Available: iOS | Android


Price: $5 per month

iTranslate is a translation app/dictionary that includes 90 languages. Don’t worry—Russian is one of them.

It can translate both voice and text. You can also use it to translate content from websites for easy, enjoyable multilingual surfing. Plus, iTranslate can also speak your translations (in your choice of a male or female voice), which is great for practicing your skills or communicating with native Russian speakers.

If you don’t know the Cyrillic alphabet, the app can also provide you with a transliteration to help you pronounce the words.

You can look up verb conjugations and save your favorite phrases, so iTranslate is also a great study tool.

Plus, the offline mode is a helpful way to avoid huge cell phone bills if you want to use the app while traveling abroad.

The app requires a monthly subscription, which costs about $5 per month or $30 per year.

3. Best for Business: Translator by Microsoft

Available: iOS | Android

Price: Free


Microsoft’s Translator offers over 60 languages, including our beloved Russian.

It offers text translation, voice translation and image translation. Plus, you can even translate a two-way conversation by connecting devices.

Translated phrases will appear in text, but you can also have the app speak them for you. Unsure about the meaning of a word? Look up alternate translations and meanings!

Additionally, Microsoft Translator works with other apps, so you can share your translation between apps.

If you want to study certain words or phrases, you can pin them to review later.

4. Best for Translating Documents: Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber logo

Available: iOS 

Price: Free

Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber is a free app that focuses on translating printed texts. It features 90 languages, including Russian.

Simply take a picture of a printed document and this app will translate it. You’ll have access to the translation and audio of the translation. Plus, if you want to edit the translation, you can. Then, you can go ahead and share your translation via text or all over social media using Facebook, Twitter or popular Russian social media site VK.

5. Best for Live Conversations: SayHi Translate

Available: iOS | Android

Price: Free

SayHi Translate is a free app that offers translations of Russian and over 40 other languages.

It focuses predominantly on spoken language. If you just speak a phrase, SayHi Translate will transcribe what you said, translate the text and then speak that translation aloud. You can select whether the voice is male or female. You can even alter the rate of speech, which is a terrific way for students to perfect their pronunciation. Just slow it down until you get the pronunciation right, then speed it up to practice at a more natural rate.

Plus, you can edit and share translations. You can also “favorite” phrases you want to practice more.

6. Best for Voice Translations: Speak & Translate

Available: iOS

Price: Free


Speak & Translate offers voice and text translation for Russian. It also provides voice translation for over 50 other languages and text translation for over 100 languages.

Speech recognition allows for speedy voice translation, which will provide you with both text and spoken translations. You choose whether the voice is male or female and the speed of speech.

The app also works between devices, allowing you to share translations easily.

7. Best for Simplicity: Yandex Translate

Available: iOS | Android

Price: Free

Yandex is a Russian search engine and Yandex Translate was developed by Russian programmers and linguists. Yandex Translate offers a simple interface but pairs it with some additional features you won’t find just anywhere.

Yandex has 90+ languages and includes text, voice, conversation and photo translations. You can also interact with social media accounts and texting apps for quick communication.

Other features include built-in dictionaries, website translations, phrase collections, offline language packs and the ability to save translations in Favorites.

8. Best for Accuracy: DeepL Translate

Available: iOS | Android

DeepL Translate uses advanced technology to provide the most accurate translations and has the option to translate entire files.

It’s not available for as many languages as many others on this list, at just 29 languages.

But it uses more advanced AI technology than many of the apps out there, so it’s one of the most accurate options you can get! 

This is incredibly useful not only for travel and everyday life, but also for those tricky official documents or files you might come across. In the pro version, you can upload entire documents and DeepL will translate them for you. 

The features on the free app are somewhat limited and the pro versions are not exactly cheap, but might be worth it depending on your needs. You can give it a try with a free trial and then upgrade for $8.74+ per month. 

9. Best for Phrases: Russian English Translator russian english translator logo

Available: Android

Price: Free

Russian English Translator is a free app that might meet your Russian translation needs.

You can type or speak the phrase you want to be translated. Then, the app will provide you with the text translation. You can also have the app play the audio of the text. While it’s simpler than some apps, it’s easy, fast and free, so it’s certainly a strong choice.

10. Best for Android: English Russian Translator by Lingua Apps

russian-translator-app Available: Android

Price: Free

English Russian Translator is a free app that allows you to translate either voice or text. Regardless of which you translate, you’ll have access to both audio and text translations.

It’s fairly simple, but its slick design is appealing and easy on the eyes.

Why Use a Russian Translator App?

Russian translator apps will help you with one obvious task: to communicate with native speakers. Whether you’re traveling, interacting with Russians where you live or interacting with Russian speakers online, translator apps will help you “fill in” any gaps in your language skills so that you can communicate more clearly. Translator apps are so much easier than relying on hand gestures and facial expressions!

A translator app will also help you ensure accuracy. Translator apps are an easy way to look up anything you don’t know and/or confirm your own accuracy. It’s the perfect way to make sure that what you’re saying actually means what you think you’re saying.

Also, translator apps will help you improve your Russian skills. You can practice your Russian by using translator apps to test what you know and don’t know. Simply think of an English phrase, translate it into Russian in your head, and then compare your translation against the translator. You can also try putting together a Russian phrase and letting the translator interpret what you said.

These are all great reasons to check out the apps above. 


With these apps, you can be confident when speaking with native Russian speakers!

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