7 Incredible YouTube Channels Every Russian Learner Should Subscribe To

Nothing can brighten up your mood like a massive YouTube binge.

You can watch anything you imagine!

It is totally free!

What could be better?

Well, if you want to upgrade your Russian education to “trending,” then the one thing that could make your next YouTube binge even better is Russian learning videos.

YouTube offers a wide array of Russian learning videos that can help any learner at any level. There are a lot of Russian learning channels on YouTube, so you have plenty of great options to help you on your way.

So if you are looking to learn Russian or perfect your Russian skills, it is time to get streaming!

Why Learn Russian on YouTube?

Learning Russian on YouTube is free and easy. That means:

  • If you are an absolute beginner, still trying to decide whether learning Russian is for you, YouTube is a great way to test it out without putting in any financial commitment.
  • If you are already studying Russian in a structured environment, YouTube is a great resource to supplement your learning without additional expense.
  • If you are just trying to build your skills or keep them sharp every day, YouTube is always there when you need it.

Plus, YouTube offers a wide array of learning materials. This is perfect for any level or need. Whether you are just starting out or have near-native proficiency, there are videos that will help you improve your skills.

Finally, YouTube videos often feature native Russian speakers. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to interact with native speakers on a regular basis. YouTube is a helpful way to get exposure to real-life Russian speech, accents, slang and conversation without needing a plane ticket.

How to Learn Russian on YouTube

Choose videos that are appropriate to your learning level. Whether you are a beginning student or an advanced student, it is best to use videos that are level-appropriate. This way, you will learn new information without being either bored or overwhelmed.

Consider finding a YouTube channel you like and watching all the videos on that channel. Some channels are designed like courses, covering all the important grammar rules and vocabulary in a logical order. This is a great way to save yourself the trouble of figuring out what you should learn and when.

Target specific areas that you need to improve. Once you have been studying Russian for a little while, you probably already know your weak spots. For instance, if you are struggling with the case system, there are plenty of videos that will help you. Having trouble with pronunciation? Videos can help teach you the ins and outs of Russian sounds!

As you build your skills, try to work in more authentic content like movies, TV series and vloggers, all of which you can find on YouTube. These will help you understand the Russian language in a real-world context and prepare you for fluency.

Speaking of learning Russian in a real-world context, why not check out another video-based study resource that can augment your YouTube-based learning?

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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The diverse nature of the content means you can learn Russian in the many ways it’s spoken. FluentU actually takes plenty of existing YouTube videos and re-formats them with learner tools to explicitly help you learn Russian. Each video comes with transcripts and interactive captions that can give you any word’s definition, audio pronunciation and usages in example sentences.

You can save any new vocabulary and return to them later on for review, or you can take advantage of FluentU’s adaptive quizzes. FluentU does track your progress, so you can visibly see how much you’ve learned and improved!

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging Russian learning experience, you can check out FluentU online!

7 Incredible YouTube Channels to Help You Learn Russian

Real Russian Club

Real Russian Club is an excellent resource for beginning and intermediate Russian learners. It offers lessons featuring common Russian phrases and exercises to perfect your pronunciation, among other videos.

Learners who are beginning to delve into the world of authentic Russian content might find the “slow Russian” videos most helpful.

These videos feature Daria, a certified Russian teacher from Moscow, slowly describing a variety of subjects in Russian. The videos are even captioned in your choice of Russian or English, so it is a flexible option to suit your needs and preferences. This is a great way for beginners to transition into understanding spoken Russian.

Additionally, the “slow Russian” videos often cover culturally significant themes such as holidays or vodka, which will allow you to improve your understanding of life in Russia as you perfect your language skills.

Video recommendation: 

“Real Russia: Russia Free Hospital”

In this video, Daria shows viewers around a Russian hospital. While doing so, she uses some basic medical and anatomical terminology, as well as general vocabulary.

Angelos Georgakis

Angelos Georgakis offers videos on a wide range of topics. These videos are appropriate for intermediate and advanced students.

There are many videos explaining different grammar rules, but that is not all! There are also on-the-street style interviews and general discussions.

Some videos offer English subtitles, some offer Russian subtitles, some offer both and some offer neither, so there is something for everyone.

Video recommendation: 

“Russian Grammar on the Streets of St. Petersburg (Imperfective and Perfective Verbs)”

This video features the host approaching people on the street and asking them to explain imperfective and perfective verbs. It is a great option for intermediate and advanced students since the discussion of grammar rules is in conversational Russian, making it a perfect tool to learn more about grammar rules while honing your listening skills.

Rush into Russian with Kris and Olya

Rush into Russian with Kris and Olya offers videos on grammar, common phrases, vocabulary and culture for a well rounded learning experience. Most of these videos target beginning to early intermediate learners.

Video recommendation: 

“7 Words You Have to Know Before You Come to Russia”

This video is a great starter course for beginning Russian students, especially those who are planning to travel to Russia soon. It features seven common, useful Russian words and explains how to use them.

Russian from Russia

Russian from Russia offers videos that focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary through discussions on Russian culture, customs and history. These videos are a great tool for intermediate Russian learners to pick up new vocabulary, learn more about Russian culture and fine tune their listening skills.

Each video contains Russian captions so that you can read along as the host, Anna, speaks. Additionally, many vocabulary words appear and are defined in the video to help you along.

Video recommendation:

“Learn Russian: 4 Foods You Need to Try While in Russia”

This video discusses popular Russian dishes. From it, you will learn more about Russian cuisine, pick up some helpful food vocabulary and learn some other common words and phrases.


learnrussian.org offers videos on pronunciation, verbs and phrases for beginning to early intermediate Russian students.

The videos are color coded by topic, so it is easy to select what category you want to work on. Each video shows you the Russian words as the host speaks them. There are also often images to illustrate a word’s meaning, which is a great tool for visual learners. English-language subtitling is also available.

Video recommendation:

“Learn Russian Verbs: Lesson 1”

This verb lesson, the first in the series, focuses on five of the most common Russian verbs. It will teach you the verbs and their present tense conjugations. It will also use the verbs in sentences to help reinforce your learning.

Denis Fedorov

Denis Fedorov, a tutor and native Russian speaker, offers a vast selection of videos to help beginning and early intermediate Russian students improve their skills.

His videos focus on vocabulary building, grammar and pronunciation. Some videos also discuss the process of learning Russian and effective study techniques.

Video recommendation:

“209 Russian Common Words Divided into Syllables Exercise”

This video is a great tool for any beginning Russian student who is struggling with pronunciation.

In it, Fedorov breaks common words down into syllables. This will help you hear each letter clearly so that you can perfect your pronunciation. There are also long pauses between words to allow you to practice the pronunciations yourself.

Elena Jung

Elena Jung offers dozens of videos to help beginning through advanced Russian students improve their skills.

This channel offers a nice variety of resources, including everything from foundational language lessons to Russian tongue twisters to everyday tips like how to order a coffee.

Jung also offers “slow listening exercises,” which feature her slowly narrating everyday activities. This will help you master thematic vocabulary in an unintimidating format.

Additionally, the videos are captioned in Russian so that you can read along.

Video recommendation: 

“Сейчас и Теперь: Confusing Russian Words”

In this video, Jung explains the difference between Сейчас and Теперь, which can be confusing for native English speakers since they both translate to “now.” She also shares example sentences to help reinforce their usages.


There is no doubt that YouTube has a lot to offer Russian learners. Give these helpful YouTube channels a try, and you will be streaming Russian learning in no time!

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