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Good Morning, Japan! The Early Bird’s List of Common Japanese Expressions


Good morning, fellow Japanese learners!

How are you this fine day?

Have you awoken full of energy or did last night’s sleep leave something to be desired?

Have you found the right toothbrush, brushed your teeth, half-opened your eyes?

What …

Beyond the Basics: The Advanced Learner’s Guide to Japanese Honorifics

advanced japanese honorifics

If you walked into a room with Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Obamas, would you drop a bunch of slang on them?

Would you have the nerve to look Kate Middleton in the eyes and call her “dude”?

If …

“Feel My Joy!” and Other Intentions Behind Japanese Omiyage


Ever heard of omiyage?

Well, when a Japanese person tells you that it means “souvenir,” you’ll probably be picturing a keychain or a shot glass, right?

Oh, how this translation misguides you. 

If you’re headed to Japan, or …

Honoring Japanese Honorifics: Sama, Kun, San, Sensei and Everything Else

japanese honorifics

“Karate is in the heart, Daniel-san.” —Miyagi-sensei

Wax on…. Wax off…..

What was the first film you saw about Japan?

For me it was “The Karate Kid”—one of the most influential films of the 80s.

I’m …

10 Useful One-word Japanese Expressions That’ll Make You Sound Native

10 useful one-word japanese expressions to learn by heart

Time for a little English pop quiz:

What’s an expression you’d use when startled or surprised?

What’s an expression you’d use when disappointed?

C’mon, keep going. Write these down.

What might you shout when ambushed from behind, or when you’re …

Urban History: 10 Famous Japanese Authors Missing from Your Reading List

10 gutsy japanese authors missing from your reading list

You’re a reader.

I bet you already know Haruki Murakami.

And that Banana Yoshimoto is not some kind of weird Japanese fruit mutation (google “square watermelons”—no kidding).

But if you’ve ever wondered about the mindset behind their books, or any …

12 Must-visit Websites to Learn Japanese Grammar Online

12 must-visit websites to learn japanese grammar online

Lemony Snicket loved grammar.

“Grammar is the greatest joy in life,” he said.

Moliere believed that grammar could control even kings.

When looked at it this way, grammar might seem like a kind of super weapon.

Well, let me tell …