Face-to-face: 5 Perfect Platforms for Italian Skype Lessons

No more fluorescent lights and uncomfortable chairs.

There’s a whole new type of classroom thanks to Skype.

We’ll show you five sites to find the Skype Italian lessons that are best for your schedule, your budget and your learning goals.


What Makes Skype Special for Italian Learners?

Skype is cool enough for connecting people instantly around the world. But it also has unique tools that can make sure every Italian student gets to learn.

Skype’s format combines standard text chatting with video conferencing. That means you can easily take notes while you tutor explains something, and your tutor can write down new vocabulary words so you learn how to pronounce and spell them simultaneously.

Skype also includes the ability to quickly send files and images to the person you’re talking with. This makes for easy transfer of important study materials like worksheets and visual aids.

Most Skype lessons are formatted as one-on-one sessions between a student and tutor. If you struggle in traditional class settings, you might prefer the individualized attention that Skype lessons allow. Those who don’t have lots of free time can also utilize Skype lessons by building a schedule based on their own unique needs and availability.

There’s also the option of using Skype to connect with language exchange partners

If you decide to try this out, make sure you’re armed with some topics for conversation. That could mean anything from the crazy thing that happened at work yesterday to your thoughts on that Italian movie you just watched. 

Some virtual immersion programs, including FluentU, base their Italian lessons off of authentic mass media. So that can can be a useful option for finding conversation topics, as well as practicing your Italian listening skills prior to your Skype sessions.

Skype lessons are a completely customizable experience that make professional Italian lessons accessible to students who might not otherwise have access to them. This article will give you some top-notch resources for starting your Italian Skype journey.

5 Platforms for Italian Skype Lessons

Learn Italian Online

Learn Italian Online connects you with experienced Italian tutors from the Centro Culturale Conero school in Italy. They offer customizable, one-on-one Italian lessons over Skype. Their goal is to make it feel like you’re actually learning in Italy.

There’s a general language course, a conversation course (for intermediate to advanced learners), an exam prep course and a business Italian course. Before you commit, Learn Italian Online provides free 20-minute trial lessons. You then have the opportunity to change teachers if you find that the one you’re working with doesn’t quite suit your needs.

It should be noted that lessons on this site are processed in euros, so students outside of Europe should consult with the staff before moving forward.


Verbalplanet is a site built specifically around Skype language lessons. The website’s program includes over 30 languages to choose from, including Italian.

Classes by Verbalplanet are taught by native speakers who are also professional language educators. There’s a particular focus on learning through conversation, as well as customizable lesson options.

Verbalplanet may be an especially good option for people who have busy schedules or work unconventional hours. You’ll be able to see tutors’ full schedules so you can find lesson times that work for you. Not only that, the lesson plan itself will be personalized based on your language goals.

Even wary students can book a free trial lesson before investing in an entire plan.


coLanguage combines the flexibility of a Skype learning program with the quality of a traditional, university-level education. coLanguage tutors come from top schools and are all vetted, so you know you’re getting a skilled tutor.

You can browse tutor profiles to find someone whose rates, schedule and experience work for you. coLanguage also notes whether each teacher offers free trial lessons on the front of their profiles (just above the Contact button). You can quickly filter the profiles down by selecting your budget, availability, etc.

coLanguage also has a unique feature where you can note what language tests you’re preparing for, and it’ll show you tutors who can help prepare you for that specific test.

You can expect your coLanguage tutor to provide you with a range of learning materials during your Skype lessons, including exercises, audio files and videos. At the end of your training, you can even get a certificate to prove your language skills to schools or employers.


Preply focuses on studying via Skype for all sorts of topics, including language study. As of this writing, the site has nearly 300 tutors available for learning Italian.

Preply is highly customizable, giving prospective students plenty of choice in developing their lesson plan. Students are shown the wide selection of tutors available, along with loads of necessary information to help them choose the specific teacher that’s best for them.

As you’re browsing tutor profiles, you’ll see availability based on time and day of the week, whether or not the teacher is a native speaker, payment rates, the amount of lessons available and a brief autobiography. Preply also has a review option, which gives students the chance to see what their fellow students have to say about each instructor.

Don’t have time or energy to look for a tutor yourself? You can leave a request with your learning requirements and tutors will reach out to you.

Students can book a trial lesson, allowing them to take a risk-free look at their potential new tutor.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is great resource where students can dip their toes in the water before diving in. Live Lingua offers an entire hour of free one-on-one Italian as a way to get started with their program.

Students can use Live Lingua’s tools to check each teacher individually, looking at their background, time zone, schedule flexibility and more. The teacher profiles include tons of detail to make sure that every student can find the tutor who’s the best option for them.

Live Lingua also has the unique option of sorting tutors by what age groups they work with best. This means that everyone from children to seniors can customize their experience to their advantage.

Live Lingua has a support staff that works around the clock to accommodate its customers and the hours you purchase from them never expire. Its payment plan only requires one lesson as a minimum purchase, which gives students the opportunity to opt out if desired.


Skype is a tool that adds plenty of unique resources to one-on-one tutoring, and language students can benefit big time. With loads of free trials and plans to choose from, it’s hard to say no to giving one of these programs a try.

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