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A Worldwide Education: The Unexpected Journey of How I Learned French


Would you believe it if I told you that learning French landed me a job at Paris’ fashion museum?

Or that it led me to meet my husband?

And to live in an apartment that overlooked the River Seine and …

Spotify Search Tips for Endless French Music Streaming (Plus 7 Hits You’ll Love)


Look, “La Vie en Rose” is great.

But it shouldn’t be the only French song you know.

To learn up-to-date French language and culture, you should fill your headphones with the latest French music hits.

Spotify is the perfect

60+ French Drinks Vocabulary to Quench Your Thirst


It was a stifling hot day in Reims, France.

All I could think about was gulping down a tall, fresh glass of ice-cold, sweet lemonade.

I walked into the first restaurant I saw and confidently ordered: “Une limonade, s’il

Level Up! 5 French Graded Readers for Learning French


Remember the excitement of leveling up to the next set of readers in grade school?

It was the best feeling: running up to the bookshelf in the school library and being able to pick from new stories in the “older …

Traditional French Games: 5 Cool Ways to Play and Study Hard


What do munching on a baguette, learning ballet and playing the board game Mille Bornes (A Thousand Milestones) all have in common?

They’re all keys to getting to know French culture.

Experiencing this beloved and multifaceted country requires …

Keep the Candy Canes! 5 French Christmas Cartoons to Sweeten Your Holidays


It has finally arrived, you guys!

It’s the time of year when you can curl up next to a roaring fire, watch snow softly drifting outside the window and smell the aroma of delicious sugar cookies in the oven.

That’s …

The Globetrotter’s Guide to Learning French in Africa


You’ve courageously decided that it’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone and go abroad in your own quest to learn French.

But now you’re left with one big question: where do I go?

Most likely, you’ll