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A Brisk and Breezy French Gender Quiz to Take Your Vocab for a Spin


For $1 million, which article correctly precedes the French noun maison (house)?

A: le
B: la
C: les
D: None of the above

The correct answer is… B: la!

Okay, okay, we don’t really have a million bucks to give …

9 Video and Audio Dialogues Between Friends for Fun Informal French Practice


“Good evening, Madam. Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?”

“That sounds lovely. Do you have a preference?”

“Perhaps we can decide on a film once we arrive at the cinema.”

“Wonderful. Shall I drive?”

Can you

Fill Your Home with French: 5 Cheap or Free Ideas for French Vocab Labels


Transform those midnight snacks into bite-sized French learning opportunities.

Picture this: you walk up to your fridge and you immediately think le frigo (fridge).

You head to the couch to try and fall asleep in front of the TV. …

10 Language-bending Riddles in French (With Translations and Answers)


What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?

Remember this Greek legend?

The Sphinx asks travelers to answer the above riddle, devouring all who try to pass until Oedipus finally …

Never Miss French Practice with These 7 French Email Newsletters


How many unread emails do you have right now?

I almost always have a notification of 50+ unread messages next to the little envelope icon on my phone.

How annoying!

The majority of emails I receive are prompts to get …

Talking About Music in French: “Key” Expressions and Vocab


“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Most of us have heard this famous line from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” but unlike Duke Orsino who says it in order to have an excess of music (therefore curing himself of …

How to Sing “Happy Birthday” in French: Audio and Lyrics


I was sitting in Bistrot des Artistesa trendy Parisian bar, with my husband and our friend visiting from the States, when the lights went out and a chorus of “Joyeux anniversaire” (“Happy Birthday”) promptly broke out.

My …