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Level Up! 5 French Graded Readers for Learning French


Remember the excitement of leveling up to the next set of readers in grade school?

It was the best feeling: running up to the bookshelf in the school library and being able to pick from new stories in the “older …

Traditional French Games: 5 Cool Ways to Play and Study Hard


What do munching on a baguette, learning ballet and playing the board game Mille Bornes (A Thousand Milestones) all have in common?

They’re all keys to getting to know French culture.

Experiencing this beloved and multifaceted country requires …

Keep the Candy Canes! 5 French Christmas Cartoons to Sweeten Your Holidays


It has finally arrived, you guys!

It’s the time of year when you can curl up next to a roaring fire, watch snow softly drifting outside the window and smell the aroma of delicious sugar cookies in the oven.

That’s …

7 Classic French Kids’ Films for the Young and Young at Heart


The French have always claimed a huge part of the spotlight when it comes to great cinema!

From the vibrant Cannes Film Festival to the worldwide Alliance Française French Film Festival, they dominate the art of cinema.

But French

Tap into Kindle French Learning with 3 Handy Tools


Are you a literary fanatic?

Do you love nothing more than curling up on the sofa with a good book?

If the answer is yes, then chances are you’re already making use of the super handy Kindle for reading

The Perks of Going South: Learning French in the South of France


I’ve got some exciting news for you.

I have a surefire way to make your French studies go south!

Sure, “go south” can sometimes mean that something is failing.

Here I’m talking about a different, much better kind of south:…

Get in a Frightfully Festive Mood with These Spooky French Halloween Words


Changing leaves, hot cocoa, scarves and sweaters, pumpkin flavored pastries in cafe windows.

It can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived!

Along with its arrival comes a ton of new French vocabulary centered around the season.

It’s time …