5 Tips for Business English Socializing Skills That Win Friends and Influence People


I can make small talk when I need to.

But I’m not an extrovert (someone who’s very comfortable in social situations). It took me a long time to build my social skills and I’m still learning.

In my experience, not …

The Ultimate Business English Tense Review for Every Workplace Situation


How many different verb tenses do you use every day at work?

Probably a lot.

Business communication requires us to talk about the past, present and future all the time.

In a single morning, you might talk about something …

Need Advanced Business English Lessons? Top 10 Sites to Bookmark


Ever heard the English phrase, “the light at the end of the tunnel?”

It means you’re nearing the end of something difficult. You’re almost there.

…Just not quite.

If you’re an advanced business English learner, we’d say that you

Business English in the U.K.: Top 9 Resources Curated for You


There isn’t just one English language.

There are many types of English from many different places that were once under British rule.

Of course, the basic rules and the grammar of the language are essentially the same everywhere. But there …

Attn! 25 Common Business English Abbreviations and Acronyms You Need

business english abbreviations

Who’s the CFO of your organization?

Do you know anyone from R&D?

Which dept do you work for?

You may be surprised at just how often we use abbreviations like these in our daily lives, sometimes without even …

20 Business English Collocations That’ll Make Them Think You’re a Native Speaker


Would you be interested in attending the product launch of raspberry water flavored with spicy chili?

Don’t believe me?

What if I told you it’s a new beverage by a brand name company that really knows how to make

7 Business English Conversation Video Channels That Take the Stress Out of Office Talk


Business English isn’t just about documents and presentations.

It’s the everyday workplace talk that makes a difference.

From building trust with clients to impressing your boss, business English conversations can make your work life more productive, interesting and enjoyable.…