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How to Get Everything You Want from Business English Negotiations

negotiating in english

You’re in the middle of a negotiation and you got the worst offer ever.

You’re looking at your boss and thinking things like, “You’re kidding right? That’s ridiculous. Are you crazy?!”

Stop right there. Just pause for one moment …

8 Simple Steps to Prepare for Your English Interview

english interview

Your palms are sweaty and your heart is racing.

But you’re not in a dangerous, life or death situation.

You’re at a job interview.

This means you perfected your resume and cover letter and have made it to the next …

How to Learn Business English Like a Brain Scientist

how to learn business english

These days, there are many different ways to learn business English.

Role plays. Comics. Interactive games. Social learning.

How do you choose which method is best?

Would you trust a brain scientist to have the right answer?

After all, learning

Business English in Pajamas: Free Online Business Courses from Princeton, Harvard and More

learn business english online


That is how much I spent on higher education.

That is the total for four years of university and two years of business graduate school.

That only accounts for tuition fees—it doesn’t include other costs, such as books (let’s …

Take a Comical Approach to Business English Books

business english books

Tired of textbooks? Bored with memorizing idioms you never use?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m proof.

I don’t remember what textbooks I read in school—not even the titles. I do however remember everything about the comic strip …

How to Master Business English Phone Calls

business english phone calls

Can you guess the worst company in America?

The company that everyone hates, from customers to employees.

If you guessed Comcast, you’re right!

Comcast, the largest cable and internet provider in the United States, was voted Worst Company in …

Breaking News! How Business English News Headlines Can Help You Learn Language, Economics and More

business english news

How much do you know about business English news?

I’m going to give you a quick test.

What’s been happening on Capitol Hill lately?

How do you vaccinate ignorance?

What’s a Bitcoin?


Are these questions that appear on the