The Importance of Good English in Business: 7 Big Benefits


Good English skills are like a one-way ticket to business success.

They can take you all over the world.

Or just to the job you want.

English is not my mother tongue.

But it is the language I …

Conference Confidence: How to Master Business Conference Calls in English


What’s the trick to facing your fear?

Turn it into something fun.

I learned this tip when I was freaking out before my first conference call.

My friend gave me a solid piece of advice: Pretend it’s another …

Free and Affordable Online Courses for Excellent Engineering English


Engineers are smart.

They are problem solvers.

They can understand complex systems.

But face it. A lot of engineers do not know their English.

I remember in college, my engineering friends would often call me for help while writing

10 Top Business English Dictionaries for Dedicated Learners


When I was a kid, my dad never encouraged me to read story books.

Nor did he send me to a library.

Instead, he did something else.

On Sunday afternoons, he’d sit with me and a big fat dictionary that …

12 Top English Phrases Used in Human Resources Today


Are you searching for a job?

Or maybe you already have a job?

To start working, everyone needs to search for good jobs.

This search helps you find the job that’s right for you.

Companies do the same …

How to Write a Memo in Business English: 7 Simple Steps


There’s beautiful romantic poetry.

Thrilling science fiction literature.

Witty theater dialogue.

And then… there are memos.

Memos aren’t exactly the sexiest form of English writing. They’re used to communicate within a workplace, so they’re often very dry and direct.…

Learn Business English from Your Laptop with These 9 Great MOOCs


Don’t have the time or funds to attend an English-language university?

Why not let the university come to you?

That’s what the miracle of MOOCs are for.

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) lets you take courses from prestigious universities …