Want a Perfect Business English Tutor? 7 Spots to Find Them


This is the truth:

I wouldn’t be able to speak and write good English if it weren’t for my amazing English teachers.

They were very patient, correcting me whenever I made a mistake.

They taught me that stories are more …

7 Resources to Kick Back With and E-learn Business English


Are you wanting to learn business English but struggling to find the time?

Are you that super busy business professional who…

  • …is always stuck in meetings?
  • …often can’t find the time

The 10 Types of Business Writing You Should Master


Have you ever read your business’s newsletter and noticed they printed “there” where they should have said “their?”

Maybe you’ve read an informal email from a coworker and thought, “Wow. That was unprofessional.”

Or you’ve skimmed a memo with so …

English for Logistics: Essential Vocabulary to Get the Job Done Right


The first time I was on a logistics team, I was pretty bad at it.

I was in school and we’d organized a debate contest.

We ran out of paper and didn’t have enough refreshments for our participants.

Then …

Business English vs. Regular English: What Is the Difference?


Mastering English saved my life.

Here’s how.

I’m a trilingual speaker.

Bengali is my mother tongue—the language I use at home.

Hindi is my country’s official language, so I had to learn it.

English was the medium of instruction in …

You Can Learn English and Be an Entrepreneur: Here’s How


What type of person are you?

Would you rather work for someone else, do what you are told and earn a steady paycheck?

Or do you prefer taking risks, being your own boss and living a life that may be …

English for International Relations: A Glossary of 15 Key Terms


I’m not a political diplomat, but I can pretend to be one.

I mean that literally.

When I was in school, I participated in competitions called “Model United Nations,” or MUNs.

In these competitions, we held fake United Nations meetings. …

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