9 Hip and Handy Business English Apps for Android


You’ve just woken up.

The sun is breaking over the horizon.

You reach over the side of the bed, eyes still a bit blurry.

And what’s the first thing you grab?

If you say, “my Android,” then this article is …

The 7 Best Business English Immersion Courses You Can Take Online or in Person


Dive in!

You won’t learn how to swim by sitting on the edge of the pool.

Just like you won’t learn business English by working only in your native language.

Instead, you have to try immersion, or surrounding yourself …

38 English for Construction Workers Terms to Keep Your Projects Running Smoothly


Where would we be without construction workers?

We’d have no homes to live in. No roads to drive on. No offices to work in.

If you work in construction or are planning to enter this industry, you’ve chosen a …

How to Ace Every Section of the TOEIC and Supercharge Your Career


A lot of people put their English level on their resume.

But not everyone can put a TOEIC score.

The TOEIC is your ticket to a stronger resume, more job opportunities and faster promotions.

Scoring well on this respected …

4 Types of Words in Business English That’ll Automatically Improve Your Company Profile


Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest to answer.

Who are you? What does your company do? Why should I choose you?

There’s so much you want to explain! It can be overwhelming enough in your native language.…

I May, I Might, I Must Master Modal Verbs in Business English! This Guide Makes It Easy

business english modal verbs

Modal verbs are the secret ingredient to fluent business English.

This might surprise you.

In fact, most native English speakers don’t even realize how important modal verbs are in office speech.

But think about it.

As we’ll discuss more …

40+ English for Hospital Staff Terms and Phrases to Learn STAT!


Do you work at a hospital or doctor’s office?

Do you often need to speak English with patients?

Then this guide to English for hospital staff is just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s be honest, no patient likes to go …