7 Websites with Business English Vocabulary Exercises That Will Help You on the Job


In business, time is something you have little of.

And maybe that’s why I appreciate writing for a business setting.

Yep. When I was in school, I preferred writing formal letters to informal ones.

The formal letters were short, concise …

The 6-step Guide on How to Talk with Customers in English


“The customer is always right.”

It’s an old expression that most English-speaking employees know.

Does it mean that no customer has ever made a mistake before?

Are your customers really always right?

Of course not.

But the idea is that …

5 Online Business English Writing Courses and Resources to Make Your Writing More Effective


The first time I had to send an official email, I had no idea how to write a cover letter.

Sure, you can find a “template” of a cover letter online—a simple example that you can fill in with …

How to Deal with Business Deals: The Basics of Negotiation in English


When you hear the word “negotiation,” what do you think of?

For many people, the word makes them nervous and uncomfortable.

For others, it excites them and prepares them for a challenge.

Whichever feeling you get when you hear …

Business English Dialogues for Dynamic Discussions


One of my first jobs was working in the office of a children’s museum. I can still remember preparing to participate in my first big meeting there.

I was so anxious because I did not know what to expect.

My …

Great Greetings! The Business English Greetings That Give the Best First Impressions


You’re obviously going to be nervous when you first meet someone.

You always want to make a good impression.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting a potential client, new employer or colleague.

And it doesn’t matter whether …

Master These 6 Areas to Rock Business English for Office Professionals


You’re the star of your very own play.

You’re holding a script, which contains all the sentences you’ll speak on stage.

No searching for English words. No grammar mix-ups. No bad translations.

Sound nice?

It’s not that far from …