Learn How to Read a Contract with These 20 Business English Contract Words


Have you ever signed up with a phone service provider like T-mobile?

Or registered for a social media account like Instagram?

Or signed up for a health and fitness mobile app like Charity Miles or FitBit?


Business News and Language, Together: 7 Online Radio and Podcast Resources


My parents grew up in an era when having a TV was something that only the rich could afford.

As a result, much of their childhood was spent tuned into—you guessed it—the radio.

The radio was more than just entertainment.

How to Write (or Make Up!) an Elevator Pitch in English


Imagine you see an important business executive walk by.

They happen to be getting onto an elevator ahead of you.

You’re definitely going to go talk to them, right?

It’s a great opportunity to let them know about all …

8 Worthwhile Websites for Reading Business News in English


My parents never stopped me from watching TV.

But they insisted I spend at least five to 10 minutes of my screen-time watching a world news channel.

That way, I’d be updated with current affairs.

I’d focus on the headlines.…

Learn 40+ English for Project Management Vocabulary and Expressions


Have you found yourself in charge of a project at work?

Or maybe you’ve been selected to be part of a team with very specific goals?

In either case, you’re going to need a lot of terms and phrases to …

15 Business English Resources to Take Your Skills from Intermediate to Advanced


As a child, I thought being “good in English” meant knowing and using a lot of “big” words.

So I would pepper my essays with big multi-syllabic words.

Other written assignments would contain dozens of obnoxious, difficult-to-pronounce terms.

My teachers …

The Ambitious English Learner’s Guide to Networking for Business


As an introvert, I’ve always had trouble networking.

Talking to strangers or making small talk has always been difficult and scary.

But I’ve learned the truth when it comes to succeeding in business—no matter how talented or amazing you are, …

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