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Zodiac Signs in Spanish: Words to Check Your Horoscope and Chat About Astrology

What’s your sign?

I bet you didn’t even need to think to answer that.

Just as in English, zodiac signs and horoscopes are great conversation starters in Spanish. It’s a fun way to discuss whether you’re compatible for friendship—or even romance.

And the stars don’t need to align to make zodiac signs and Spanish learning compatible!

Chatting about zodiac signs, palm readings, tarot cards and all that goes with them is a super fun way to practice the Spanish language!


Signo del Zodiaco (Zodiac Signs) in Spanish

Aries (Aries)

Dates: 21 de marzo19 de abril (March 21–April 19)

Symbol: El carnero (The ram)

Element: Fuego (Fire)

Ruling Planet: Marte (Mars)

Tauro (Taurus)

Dates: 20 de abril20 de mayo (April 20–May 20)

Symbol: El toro (The bull)

Element: Tierra (Earth)

Ruling Planet: Venus (Venus)

Géminis (Gemini)

Dates: 21 de mayo20 de junio (May 21–June 20)

Symbol: Las gemelas/Los gemelos (The twins)

Element: Aire (Air)

Ruling Planet: Mercurio (Mercury)

Cáncer (Cancer)

Dates: 21 de junio22 de julio (June 21–July 22)

Symbol: El cangrejo (The crab)

Element: Aire (Air)

Ruling Planet: La luna (The moon)

Leo (Leo)

Dates: 23 de julio22 de agosto (July 23–August 22 )

Symbol: El león (The lion)

Element: Fuego (Fire)

Ruling Planet: El sol (The sun)

Virgo (Virgo)

Dates: 23 de agosto–22 de septiembre (August 23–September 22)

Symbol: La virgen (The virgin)

Element: Tierra (Earth)

Ruling Planet: Mercurio (Mercury)

Libra (Libra)

Dates: 23 de septiembre–22 de octubre (September 23–October 22)

Symbol: La balanza (The scales)

Element: Aire (Air)

Ruling Planet: Venus (Venus)

Escorpio (Scorpio)

Dates: 21 de octubre–21 de noviembre (October 23–November 21)

Symbol: El escorpión (The scorpion)

Element: Agua (Water)

Ruling Planet: Plutón (Pluto)

Sagitario (Sagittarius)

Dates: 22 de noviembre– 21 de diciembre (November 22–December 21)

Symbol: El arquero (The archer)

Element: Fuego (Fire)

Ruling Planet: Júpiter (Jupiter)

Capricornio (Capricorn)

Dates: 22 de diciembre–19 de enero (December 22–January 19)

Symbol: La cabra (The goat)

Element: Tierra (Earth)

Ruling Planet: Saturno (Saturn)

Acuario (Aquarius)

Dates: 20 de enero–18 de febrero (January 20–February 18)

Symbol: La portadora de agua/La aguadora (The water bearer)

Element: Aire (Air)

Ruling Planet: Urano (Uranus)

Piscis (Pisces)

Dates: 19 de febrero–20 de marzo (February 19–March 20)

Symbol: El pescado (The fish)

Element: Agua (Water)

Ruling Planet: Neptuno (Neptune)

Key Terms for Talking About Zodiac Signs in Spanish

Now that you know the signs and some of their features, you can shoot for the stars… literally! Let’s learn some more vocabulary that you can use to discuss astrology, zodiac signs and other related topics.

Core Zodiac Terms

This short list will give any learner a good start on engaging in interesting zodiac conversations!

Zodiaco (Zodiac)

Signo del zodiaco (Zodiac sign)

Cumpleaños (Birthday)

La astrología (Astrology)

Lectura de astrología (Astrology reading)

Astróloga/Astrólogo (Astrologer)

Spanish Words to Discuss Horoscopes

Horoscopes take a person’s birthday into consideration when discussing personality characteristics and compatibility. Get these words and basic sentences into your conversational toolbox and you’ll be ready to discuss horoscopes like a pro!

Los horóscopos (Horoscopes)

Registro de nacimiento (Birth chart)

Signos compatibles (Compatible signs)

¿Cuál es tu signo? (What’s your sign?)

¿Son compatibles nuestros signos? (Are our signs compatible?)

¿En qué mes naciste? (What month were you born in?)

¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? (When’s your birthday?)

¿Revisas tu horóscopo? (Do you check your horoscope?)

Leo mi horóscopo todos los días. (I read my horoscope every day.)

Moon and Star Words in Spanish

Almost every zodiac, astrology, horoscope or tarot conversation brings the planets and stars into play. These words and phrases are great for anyone interested in any of those practices.

Planeta regente (Ruling planet)

Cúspide (Cusp)

Nacido en la cúspide (Born on the cusp)

Estrellas (Stars)

Luna (Moon)

Signo de la luna (Moon sign)

Mercurio retrógrado (Mercury retrograde)

Signo ascendente (Rising sign)

Sol naciente (Rising sun)

Constelaciones (Constellations)

Zodiac Sign Characteristics

What does your zodiac sign say about you? Find out below—and learn some new Spanish adjectives to use in any situation!

Características del signo de fuego (Fire sign characteristics):

apasionado (passionate)

fuerte (strong)

inteligente (intelligent)

Características del signo de tierra (Earth sign characteristics):

práctico (practical)

realista (realistic)

leal (loyal)

Características de la signo de aire (Air sign characteristics):

amigable (friendly)

intelectual (intellectual)

comunicativo (communicative)

Características del signo de agua (Water sign characteristics):

intuitivo (intuitive)

sensible (sensitive)

solidario (supportive)

And here are some sentences that show how you might talk about characteristics and compatibility:

¿Qué elemento se corresponde con tu signo? (What element corresponds with your sign?)

Mi elemento es el fuego / tierra / agua / aire. (My element is fire/earth/water/air.)

Los mismos elementos son muy compatibles. (The same elements are very compatible.)

El fuego y el aire son signos compatibles. (Fire and air are compatible signs.)

¡Los signos de agua y tierra son muy compatibles! (Water and earth signs are very compatible!)

Words, Phrases and Questions About Tarot Cards

Many people are interested in tarot card readings. They use a special deck to answer questions, discuss possible future events and interpret almost anything. You may not know this, but tarot cards are closely tied into astrology and zodiac signs!

Below are some basic sentences to help you start a conversation about tarot card readings.

Cartas de tarot (Tarot cards)

¿Te han leído tus cartas del tarot? (Have you had your tarot cards read?)

Quiero tener una lectura de tarot. (I want to have a tarot reading.)

¿Sabes dónde puedo conseguir una lectura de tarot? (Do you know where I can get a tarot reading?)

We won’t go into detail about all the different suits and card names in tarot, but you can learn all about their Spanish names on Learn Tarot (and even order a deck, if you’re interested!)

Basic Palm Reading Words and Questions

Beyond the basic palm readings, there are ways to connect reading palms to your zodiac sign and element. Find out more in Well+Good’s article about palm reading in astrology. Similarly to the Spanish tarot cards, here are the basic conversation starters.

Lectura de mano (Palm reading)

¿Te han leído la palma de la mano? (Have you had your palm read?)

Me gustaría que me leyeran la palma de la mano. (I’d like to have my palm read.)

¿Sabes dónde me pueden leer la palma? (Do you know where I can have my palm read?)

How to Use Zodiac Terms in Your Spanish Language Program

Any point of interest that offers new and unique vocabulary is a boost to a language program. So study the vocabulary—the list here is a great start—and use it.

Write about your horoscope as often as possible. Journaling is a fantastic way to power up your skills! Writing letters is another way to put this interesting vocabulary to work. Use as many of the words and phrases included here as possible. Get comfortable writing them so you’ll feel at ease speaking them, too!

Spend time reading your horoscope in Spanish to improve your reading comprehension. Bonus? You’ll learn even more new vocabulary!

Use zodiac words and phrases to enhance Spanish conversations. They make excellent conversation starters. Consider, too, activities related to the zodiac and horoscopes, like palm reading, tarot card reading, the constellations and the four elements—all great for wonderful, enlightening chats!


If you’re interested in astrology and learning Spanish… now you know how to combine the two passions! Learn some basic vocabulary terms and you’ll get the wonderful opportunity to speak with Spanish speakers who share your interest.

Looking for more detailed information about horoscopes, the zodiac and the constellations? Diario de Sevilla is a stellar (pun intended!) resource.

Get your Spanish zodiac skills on point. Reach for the stars—and have fun!

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