4 Creative Ways to Whip Up the Most Romantic Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards

Romantic words flow freely from your lips. Music and poetry fill the air. This can only mean one thing.

Oh yeah, the world won’t let you forget it—Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Surely the very idea makes your heart race.

But if you’re looking for things to get spicier than your favorite telenovela, a successful Valentine’s Day requires sharing some beautiful words with your significant other.

Well, we can’t help you with shopping for chocolates and little gifts, but we have your back on the whole romantic language thing.

Here we’re going to show you how to woo your beloved with a Valentine’s Day card in Spanish to really win his or her heart.

Why Give a Spanish-language Valentine’s Day Card?

Giving a Spanish-language Valentine’s Day card is simple and fun, and there are certainly quite a few benefits—regardless of whether or not your loved one speaks Spanish.

First of all, many people seem to find foreign languages romantic. Spanish is particularly romantic because it flows more smoothly and has fewer hard stops than many other languages, including English. Plus, it seems exotic, and everyone loves exotic. Read the words in your card to them aloud, and just watch them swoon.

Additionally, if you or your significant other are working on your Spanish (especially if you’re working on it together), a Spanish-language Valentine’s Day card is a great way to learn the language. It’ll help you practice some romantic words. If the card is truly great, those will be words you and your beloved will never forget.

Finally, giving a card in Spanish is a great way to change things up. Most people have received dozens if not hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards in their lives. They all start to blur together in a confusing amalgam of romance and awkwardness. But a Valentine’s Day card in Spanish? Ooo…ahhh…now that’s something special.

4 Ways to Create the Loveliest Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards

So now that you’ve decided to give Spanish-language Valentine’s Day cards, how do you go about getting them?

There are plenty of options.

1. Go to Your Local Greeting Card Vendor

If you live in a community with a reasonably large Hispanic population, most local greeting card vendors will have Spanish-language Valentine’s Day cards. Just go to your local card shop or grocery store, and you should find plenty of options!

2. Buy Spanish Cards Online

That last point being said, not everyone has easy access to Spanish-language greeting cards. If you live in an area that doesn’t have much of a Hispanic population, chances are you’ve seen nary a Spanish card. Luckily for you, you can purchase greeting cards online.

Here are some places you’ll find them.

Greeting Card Universe

Greeting Card Universe has a nice selection of Spanish-language Valentine’s greeting cards available. With over 100 options, you’re sure to find something your significant other will like. Even better, this website is convenient. You can pick them up in store at a Target Photo or get free shipping when you order five cards.


Zazzle offers over 100 Spanish-language Valentine’s cards ranging from humorous to romantic. You can even customize it to suit your unique needs or romantic situation.


If you like the look of a nice, handmade card but don’t want to put in the effort, Etsy is a good option. Searching “Spanish Valentine’s cards” will yield a number of good options. This one is particularly lovely.

3. Print Your Own Spanish Cards

If you’re short on time and money, printable Valentine’s cards are a good option. All you need is a printer and a couple minutes, and you’re ready for romance! Here are some websites that offer nice printable cards.

Tu Parada

Tu Parada (Your Stop) features plenty of free printable cards to choose from. Some are romantic, while others appear to be for children.

Spanish Playground

Spanish Playground offers printable cards. They also offer treat boxes and activities. While all these are technically meant for children, the designs are quite nice and are certain to impress anyone.


This is another set of printable Valentine’s cards intended for children, but anyone with a strong sense of fun will probably enjoy them. After all, nothing says “romance” like a good robot Valentine’s Day card.

Hoover Web Design

Hoover Web Design offers a few simple Valentine’s cards that you can print out. They’re nothing too complex, but they’ll certainly get the job done.

4. Design Your Own Spanish Cards from Scratch

Perhaps the most romantic option of all, you can design your own Valentine’s Day card from scratch and add your own Spanish writing. It’s less expensive than buying a card, although it takes more time and effort—but your beloved will surely treasure it.

To make a Valentine’s Day card in Spanish, you might want to consider using Spanish-language romantic poetry and/or romantic phrases.

Romantic Spanish Poetry

There are a plethora of romantic Spanish poems for any situation, and using them will make you seem romantic and cultured.

Be sure to pay attention to language level—if your beloved is just learning Spanish, you might want to keep it short and simple. More advanced learners might enjoy something longer and more complex.

Here is a poetry option to consider.

Top Tour of Spain 

Top Tour of Spain offers three short poems that would fit nicely into a card. “Sonnet XXIII” by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer is a particularly good option since it’s brief and uses easy vocabulary.

22 Romantic Spanish Phrases for Your Greeting Cards

Here are a few phrases and words to consider. Pick and choose your favorite romantic phrases to include in your card.

First, there are countless terms of endearment in Spanish. Here are a few:

  • Mi amor – My love
  • Mi querido(a) – My dear/darling
  • Mi tesoroMy treasure 
  • Mi cariñoSimilar to “sweetheart.” It’s important to note, though, that regardless of whether you’re referring to a man or a woman, the word is cariño and never cariña. Actually, the same unchanging gender rule goes for every term on this little list (minus querido). 
  • Mi ángel – My angel
  • Mi vida – My life
  • Mi corazón – My heart

There are several ways to show affection. Here are a few:

  • Besos – Kisses
  • Abrazos – Hugs
  • CariñoAffection, cuddles
  • Caricias – Caresses

To express your feelings in words, you might want to try some of these phrases:

  • Te quiero – Though this literally means “I want you,” it’s generally used to mean “I love you.” This is generally used with family, friends or early in relationships.
  • Te amo – Te amo also means “I love you,” but this is a more romantic type of love. This is only used with people you’re very close and intimate with.
  • Te adoro – Te adoro means “I adore you.” Obviously, this ranks high on the romance scale.
  • Te deseo – Te deseo means “I desire you,” so this is a pretty lustful thing to say.
  • Te necesito – I need you
  • Estoy enamorado(a) de ti – I’m in love with you

If you’re looking for a more expressive way to share your feelings, you might try one of these clever phrases:

  • Me vuelves loco(a) – You drive me crazy
  • Siempre estoy pensando en ti – I’m always thinking about you
  • La luna controla las mareas, y tú, mi corazón – This common (and rather poetic) expression means “the moon controls the tides, and you my heart.” It’s a cheesy classic.
  • El amor es como el agua que no se seca – Love is like water that never dries

Your beloved will surely be expecting compliments. Don’t disappoint them. Try one of these great compliments:

  • Eres lindo(a) – You are lovely
  • Eres sexy – You are sexy
  • Eres divino(a) – You are divine


So, as you prepare for your Valentine’s Day festivities, be sure to arm yourself with your favorite Spanish language to write in your cards.

The recipients of these cards will love you all the more!

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