10 Best Spanish Verb Drill Resources for Effective Practice

While they shouldn’t be the only part of your language learning, verb drills are great for practicing your conjugations. 

Verb drills can help you learn essential Spanish verbs, fine-tune your skills and become a more proficient Spanish speaker overall.

Let’s dive into 10 powerful resources for Spanish verb drills and strengthen our Spanish muscles!


1. Conjuguemos


Conjuguemos (Let’s Conjugate) offers 36 different sets, covering a variety of tenses and moods, including more specialized, specific topics, such as irregular participles in the present perfect tense.

Sets feature a graded practice activity, a selection of games and often, several printouts like conjugation charts and flashcards.

With so many great resources for beginning through advanced learners, Conjuguemos is like a dream come true for Spanish students.

2. FluentU

FluentU offers an alternative to repetitive drills by showing you various verb conjugations in natural contexts. The program uses short video clips from authentic Spanish media to teach the language the way it’s actually used by native speakers.

You’ll find movie trailers, music videos, news segments and other entertaining clips. You can also find instructional videos that specifically cover verb conjugation, pausing to allow you to conjugate the verb before providing the correct answer. 

Curated authentic video library for all levels
  • Thousands of learner friendly videos (especially beginners)
  • Handpicked, organized, and annotated by FluentU's experts
  • Integrated into courses for beginners
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU


With personalized quizzes, flashcards and other learning tools, you can easily practice your verbs and other language concepts without getting bored or overwhelmed. 

3. Spaleon


Spaleon (“SPAnish—LEarn it ONline”) offers a simple verb trainer you can use to drill yourself on common Spanish verbs.

All you have to do is select the tense you want to work on: present, preterite, imperfect, future, present subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive or conditional.

From there, you can choose a verb set from curated lists, including basic verbs, regular verbs, irregulars, learning verbs and travel verbs.

If you prefer, you can also just select which 10 verbs you want to study from a list of over 50 verbs.

Once you make your choice, the verb trainer presents you with a verb to conjugate. Handily enough, there is also an example of a similar conjugation to help guide you along.

4. ¡Es fácil!

¡Es fácil! (It’s Easy!) is a free website that offers customizable verb drills to cater to the needs of virtually any student, from beginning through advanced.


That’s because this resource gives students a lot of choice about what exactly they want to study. You’re able to choose a category (including regular, irregular, stem-changing and more), tense and even specific verbs, allowing you to hone in on what you most need to work on.

From there, the program presents you with a blank conjugation box that you must fill in. See the correct answer by clicking the “Check” button once you have written your answer.

Video player for learners like you
  • Interactive subtitles: click any word to see detailed examples and explanations
  • Slow down or loop the tricky parts
  • Show or hide subtitles
  • Review words with our powerful learning engine
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU



This resource features verb quizzes for a variety of tenses, including present, preterite, imperfect, subjunctive, future and more.

Once you select the category you want to practice, you’re taken to a brief lesson on that tense with plenty of examples.

Then, you can click to go to a quiz that you can customize with the number of questions and whether or not you want vosotros included. Quizzes provide the verb and ask you to conjugate it to complete a sentence.

Perhaps best of all, new quizzes are generated each time you visit, so you can continue taking quizzes in the same category to learn more material.


spanish-dictionary-logo is a useful website and app, offering an in-depth dictionary as well as a variety of resources that you can use for Spanish verb drills.


If you’re interested in studying particular verbs or tenses, you can find conjugations along with audio and example sentences showing the verb in context.

You can also take a look at the grammar lessons that cover Spanish tenses and moods. In these lessons, you can find detailed information about the subject, videos and conjugation drills. is available on iOS and Android.

7. Conjugate Spanish Verbs


This Android app does not technically have exercises, but with the easy-to-use interface you can use it for self-guided drills.

Master words through quizzes with context
  • Learn words in the context of sentences
  • Swipe left or right to see more examples from other videos
  • Go beyond just a superficial understanding
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

All you have to do is type in your verb of choice to view conjugations for that verb for every Spanish tense and mood you can think of, from the present to the subjunctive.

If you do not understand something, a “Learn” feature provides mini lessons on rules and usage.

To use this app for verb drills, just choose a verb and a tense and try to list all the conjugations. Then, refer back to the app to see if you were right. Keep practicing until you perfect it, then move on to the next verb.

8. ConjuGato

conjugato-spanish-conjugation-app-logo With ConjuGato, you can practice conjugating verbs in Spanish with flashcards that feature audio.


ConjuGato will present you with a Spanish verb to conjugate and a flashcard with the name of a tense and a subject pronoun. Simply click on the flashcard to reveal the answer.

You can also control the flashcards you view by adjusting the settings on the app.

The ConjuGato app is available to download on iOS and Android.

9. “Spanish Verb Drills”

Spanish Verb Drills, Fifth Edition

Sometimes, it really helps to write out conjugations physically since writing things down can make them easier to remember.

That’s where a book like “Spanish Verb Drills” comes in handy.

Stop memorizing words.
Start building sentences.
  • FluentU builds you up, so you can build sentences on your own
  • Start with multiple-choice questions and advance through sentence building to producing your own output
  • Go from understanding to speaking in a natural progression.
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

This book offers both explanations and practice to help you improve your verb skills. It teaches when and how to use all the tenses, paying particular attention to irregular and stem-changing verbs.

10. “Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses”

Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses, Premium 3rd Edition (Practice Makes Perfect Series)

This is another book designed to help Spanish students perfect their verb skills.

To do this, the book offers explanations, examples, flashcards, audio recordings (available online) and over 200 exercises.

The first few lessons are appropriate for complete beginners, covering the basics of verbs and conjugations. The book goes on to address common, irregular, stem-changing and reflexive verbs.

Drill-style activities come in a few different formats for variety. For instance, you might find yourself translating phrases, like “I sing” or “he works” in Spanish. You may also translate longer passages or do true/false activities to reinforce your learning.

How Spanish Verb Drills Can Improve Your Language Skills

There are plenty of excellent reasons to use Spanish verb drills to strengthen your Spanish skills! Here are some of them:

  • Verb drills can help reinforce what you already know. Through careful verb training, you’ll better remember important and common verbs and be able to conjugate them faster.

    This is important because in a real conversation, you won’t have long breaks to prepare what you’re going to say. Being able to come up with the words you need quickly can save valuable seconds and prevent awkwardness.

  • Verb drills can also help you detect what you don’t know. Since you’ll be getting plenty of verb practice, you’re more likely to notice the areas that you’re struggling with.

    You might realize, for example, that you find some difficult-to-conjugate verbs particularly challenging or you struggle with certain verb tenses. This can help you focus on them.

  • Verb drills can help you improve in areas that you’re struggling with. Beyond simply identifying your own weaknesses, doing pointed exercises can help you improve your weak points. Since you use drills to practice conjugating verbs, these drills will help you improve in whatever verb-related issue you’re having trouble with.


You want your Spanish skills to be powerful, right? Then get your verb knowledge in gear with these 10 resources for powerful verb drills!

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