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Must-know Spanish “Star Wars” Vocabulary for Becoming a Language Jedi

“Yo soy tu padre.” (I am your father.)

Be honest. Did you read that in Darth Vader’s voice?

I know I did!

Okay, now that we’re close, confiding friends, tell me—are you a true Star Wars fan? Have you ever imagined becoming a Jedi? Or even driving one of those cool Airspeeders over mind-blowing terrain?

Maybe you have. (I’m guilty!)

Or maybe you’re a total Star Wars newbie—which is totally fine, too!

Every dedicated Star Wars fan was once a newbie, so we get how that feels. Not knowing much, if anything, about the saga just means that you’ll have lots of amazing galaxies to travel to coming in your future.

But whether you’re a Jedi master or new to the scene, Star Wars is a super way to turn your Spanish learning journey into an epic adventure.

It’s well-loved by millions and has been for decades, so there’s a good chance you’ll fall into the plot twists and turns, too.

Today, I’m here to show you how to make Star Wars part of your Spanish language program!

How Watching “Star Wars” in Spanish Can Give You Jedi Language Skills

It’s fun to note that Spanish speakers typically just call the saga “Star Wars” even though the translation is “La guerra de las galaxias.”

Watching (and learning from) “Star Wars” movies powers up any Spanish language program.

The obvious reason that these films (and even books!) make for good Spanish learning is simply that they’re super amazing. Any entertaining resource encourages learning—and there’s no disputing that the Star Wars universe is incredibly engaging!

Here are some tips for making the most out of your galactic journeys in Spanish.

Use Subtitles

To get the most out of your movie time, use subtitles when available. They’re a valuable resource for learners, especially for beginning learners.

When you reach a level where the subtitles aren’t needed, you can just turn them off. But in the beginning stages, it’s highly recommended that you use them.

Why not use all the resources available to you?

Compile a Vocabulary List

All of those subtitles provide translations for unfamiliar words and phrases, so this is the ideal time to compile a vocabulary list. Include specialized terminology to show your true Jedi knowledge!

Pause the Action

Press pause as often as necessary.

Rewatch segments for both learning and entertainment value.

Don’t move on until you’re sure you understand the action and dialogue.

There aren’t any limits to how often you can watch a scene, so be certain you’re comprehending before moving on. Intergalactic adventures aren’t as cut and dry as some other movies, so allow for extra attention to the details.

Take Your Time

That’s right—sit back, relax and enjoy every episode. This isn’t binge-watching—this is watching to increase your Spanish skills. So don’t rush through the experience, and maximize your learning.

Watch the Dubbed Movies

Star Wars Trilogia Episodios 1,2 y 3 Español Latino

Do you want to watch dubbed movies instead of the usual subtitles? Well, you’re in luck! This trilogy set will set you on the path to the knowledge you seek. (Did you hear a bit of Yoda there?)

Try Some Books

For even more Star Wars Spanish excitement, try some books. Reading skills grow rapidly and easily when we choose compelling resources. These stellar voyages and exploits fit that bill!

Star Wars: El gran libro de la galaxia (Spanish Edition)

“Star Wars: El gran libro de la galaxia” (Star Wars: The Great Book of the Galaxy) is an incredible resource for any Star Wars fan. This volume is a guide that showcases every important facet of this series in fantastic detail. All of the characters, creatures, vehicles, terminology, accessories and more are included. And they’re discussed in detail, which makes for some awesome Star Wars enjoyment while providing hours of Spanish practice.

I actually own a copy of this book and love it. Plus, I’ve given it as gifts and it was well-received! I thought I knew a lot about the movies until I perused the book.

Learn much, I did. (Hearing Yoda yet?)

Universo Star Wars: Segunda edición (Spanish Edition)

“Universo Star Wars: Segunda edición” (Star Wars Universe: Second Edition) is another guide that will take both Spanish learners and Star Wars fans off to new galaxies!

This new edition of the original is updated to add some extras but is a bit pricier than the older volume. Also, it has fewer pages so it’s a bit more compact, which may be of interest to learners who favor streamlined reading material.

“Star Wars: La Guerra de los Clones Aventuras Volumen 1”  (Star Wars: Clone Adventures Volume 1) features the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars cartoon characters to tell these stories. At just 96 pages in length, this is a short, sweet way to get your Spanish study time in while enjoying the Star Wars action!

Must-know Spanish “Star Wars” Vocabulary for Becoming a Language Jedi

Ready to learn some Star Wars specific vocab?

Not only will you be able to understand more of the “Star Wars” films in Spanish, but you’ll also be able to talk more comfortably about your favorite trilogy.

Plus, you’ll sound super epic if you start weaving intergalactic terminology into your everyday Spanish speech.

  • “La guerra de las galaxias” (Star Wars)
  • Galaxia (galaxy)
  • Planeta (planet)
  • Los ewoks (the ewoks)
  • Los Jedi (the Jedi)
  • Los Sith (the Sith)
  • La orden jedi (the Jedi order)
  • La orden sith (the Sith order)
  • Tropas (troops)
  • Los androides (the Droids)
  • El lado oscuro (the dark side)
  • Espada o sable láser (lightsaber)
  • La estrella (the star)
  • Nave espacial (spaceship)
  • Halcón Milenario (Millennial Falcon)
  • La fuerza (the force)
  • “¡Usa la fuerza!” (Use the force!)
  • “Que la fuerza esté contigo” (May the force be with you)
  • Una secuela (a sequel)
  • Una saga (a saga)
  • “Yo soy tu padre” (I am your father)
  • Episodio (episode)

Looking for a few more ways to practice your Spanish Star Wars vocabulary terms?

No worries! We’ve got you covered.

Try these Spanish Star Wars flashcards for some added fun with these intergalactic words and phrases.

And one more thing to note: In Spanish, some of the character names don’t change, like Chewbacca and Han Solo. They’re the same in both English and Spanish, as well as in all of the movie and book versions of these adventures.


Using movies to learn Spanish is an excellent idea.

And Star Wars happens to be a perfect choice for any level of learner!

There are so many films to watch (and so much to learn) that they provide hours of valuable, entertaining Spanish language practice.

Have fun—and ¡Que la fuerza esté contigo! (May the force be with you!)

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