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Spanish Flashcard Apps: The Spanish Learner’s Trump Card

Flashcards can be used to learn almost anything you can imagine but they are actually very helpful in particular when you are learning a new language like Spanish.

If you’ve ever studied Spanish in school, I’ll bet you had to memorize a long lists of vocabulary words many times.

Add these 12 Spanish flashcard apps to your language learning adventure and master that vocabulary like a boss.


Why Learn Spanish with Flashcard (App-based or Physical!)

As I always say, there are as many ways to learn a second language as there are learners of that language.

Some of us prefer to start with the grammar and slowly add words to it, others want to learn as much vocabulary as possible and are not interested in grammar at all and there are even those adventurers who jump into the immersion pool immediately.

If you are reading this post, you are probably part of my team: You like resources that are cheap, easy to use, effective and enjoyable.

In short, what you are looking for is the humble flashcard!

Here is why Spanish flashcards are so great for helping you learn Spanish:

  • Flashcards are super easy to make and use: It does not matter if you download a set of ready-to-learn flashcards or you make your own, they all work the same simple way. One side of the flashcard contains a word or sentence in a foreign language and the other has a translation and/or an example in context. Done!
  • They are perfect for spaced repetition: We at FluentU know that spaced repetition is where it’s at. Reviewing words when it is needed helps you memorize them much easier and for longer periods of time. Work on that learning/forgetting curve, guys!
  • They are the best teachers: What makes a good teacher? Instant feedback! And what do flashcards do, exactly? They tell you right away whether you got something right or not! Imagine having your Spanish teacher with you 24/7. Isn’t it cool?
  • “The best perfumes come in small bottles”: Flashcards are small, simple to handle and easy to take with you everywhere you go.

Actually, some flashcards do not even take up any actual physical space. You can have thousands of them on your phone and no one has to know!

How to Learn Spanish with Flashcard Apps

You know the “why,” but what about the “how”?

Learning with flashcards has a great advantage over other study methods: There are infinite possibilities!

You can make your own flashcards, use flashcards other students have shared online, download them to your phone, print them, put them in boxes, use flashcard apps… You can do whatever you want!

There are, however, a couple of things you should always bear in mind when learning Spanish with flashcards:

  • Review, review, review: Review your flashcards every day or at least every other day. You do not need to invest more than 15 minutes in order to revisit the words you have already studied. At the end of the week, try to review all the words you have learned that week.
  • Variety is the key to success: Not all flashcards are the same and not all are perfect for everybody. Make sure you have different types of flashcards to choose from and mix them up like there is no tomorrow.

Some flashcards can have a single word and its translation, others can have a word and its definition in Spanish and some can even have sample sentences or fill-in-the-gap mini exercises! Use different types of flashcards and keep boredom at bay.

  • Use different apps at a time: Do not limit yourself to just one app as a way of studying new vocabulary. Just as flashcards need to be varied, the way they are presented to you and the method each app uses to make sure you remember all the words is as important.

You will find 12 apps in this post. Make sure you use a few of them at a time if you want to get the best results!

  • Add visuals or hints whenever possible: Not all of us have a super memory capable of memorizing thousands of the digits of pi in order. Some of us need a little bit of a push when we get stuck.

By adding images, references, little hints and small drawings to your flashcards, you will help yourself remember even more words.

Now that we know the theory, let’s get this party started. Below are 12 of the best flashcard apps available at the moment.

Check them all out before you decide which ones to use. Their order of appearance is random. Just remember that you are the star of the show, and it is you who has to decide what works best for you.

Have fun flashcard-ing!

12 Spanish Flashcard Apps to Learn New Words in a Flash

Flashcard Machine

Android | iOS | Kindle


Flashcard Machine is a monster with over 122 million flashcards!

Of all of them, literally thousands have been created by other users who were or are learning Spanish.

You will need months if you want to finish all the Spanish topics available!

Flashcard Machine allows you to create your own flashcards and study sessions. It uses a system that imitates human behavior, dividing the flashcards into three categories: correct, wrong and flagged. The app will remember your previous performance when creating a new study session, and you can also create your own sessions if you wish to.

This flashcard app is totally customizable (even the font can be customized!) and can cache images so that you can study offline.

What makes it unique:

With Flashcard Machine, you can tag and share your flashcards, so it is a great tool if you are in a study group or attend group Spanish lessons.


Android | iOS

FluentU uses Spanish-language videos from around the web—including movie trailers, music videos and cartoons—to teach you the language through immersion.

Every video is accompanied by a custom vocab and translation quiz as well as interactive subtitles with contextual definitions. If you just want to see a quick definition, you can hover over the word.


If you want more information, clicking on the word will bring up its full flashcard, which includes a memorable image, example sentences and clips from other videos where the word appears. You can hear the pronunciation of the word as well as the full example sentences.

You can also add the word to a flashcard deck of your making or to your general “my vocabulary” word list.

You can study words through FluentU’s quizzes, which give you opportunities to select, type and even speak every word you’re learning. These quizzes are personalized: The better you learn a word, the less frequently it’ll appear.

What makes it unique:

FluentU takes into account the spaced repetition concept and applies it to your learning, so you can be sure that your learning curve will always go up. Plus, the integration of native video content helps you particularly work on your Spanish pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Flashcards Deluxe

Android | iOS | Kindle


Do not let the “naked” and simplistic appearance of Flashcard Deluxe deceive you. This app is awesome!

What I like the most about Flashcards Deluxe is that it takes creating personalized flashcards to a whole new level. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of themes and styles. You can create interactive flashcards with photos, include a multiple-choice option and you even have the possibility of drawing and writing!

Additionally, the app divides flashcards into categories and includes a slideshow mode.

What makes it unique:

Flashcards Deluxe allows you to choose between two learning systems, the Leitner system and the spaced repetition system. It also supports text-to-speech in 20 languages.


Android | iOS


StudyStack was created with one main goal in mind: allow teachers and students to share their knowledge in the form of flashcards.

As with many other Spanish flashcards apps, StudyStack lets you use flashcards created by the website team or by other users (who are normally teachers and students), or you can create your own cards.

I myself use StudyStack with my youngest students because it includes several games with which you can practice the words you are learning.

Just choose a topic and start learning! Here are all the Spanish learning stacks available at the moment. Do you think you have enough?

What makes it unique:

You can color-code your flashcards, so you can classify them before or during the learning session according to their topic, difficulty, part of speech… You choose!


Android | iOS


If you are just starting to learn Spanish, this cute app is the one for you.

Join more than seven million users and start learning basic Spanish vocabulary and expressions with the help of this app, created specifically for learning languages.

MosaLingua includes over 3,000 flashcards. In comparison to other giant apps, this may not seem like much, but 3,000 words and expressions are more than enough to catapult you into the conversational level!

This app has Spanish vocabulary organized into categories, subcategories and classified by level. Besides this, all the audio was recorded by native speakers of Spanish.

What makes it unique:

MosaLingua is based on the Pereto Principle, which says that 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes. In other words, you will learn 20% of Spanish, which will be useful 80% of the time.


Android | iOS


StudyBlue is undoubtedly one of the “big fish of flashcards” available nowadays, and it is absolutely and 100% free!

Create your own sets of flashcards, share them with your friends or students and learn Spanish like a rock star.

StudyBlue allows you to create different kinds of flashcards as well as use personalized quizzes and study sessions. With this app, you get the variety we were talking about in the introduction of this post all in one single app.

It is super user-friendly and easy to use, and the blue color adds that necessary inner peace you need when trying to memorize Spanish vocabulary (no, I do not think the blue interface is just a coincidence).

What makes it unique:

As it says in the app description, “Every student now has unlimited access to over 500 million StudyBlue study materials, curated study guides and the ability to copy and modify any flashcard deck—for free.”


Android | iOS


Quizlet is another one of my personal favorites and I use it both in class with my students and privately when I am learning a new language.

If you have to study long lists of words but do not want the process to be dry and boring, transform those words into Quizlet sets and see your memorizing skills get an immediate boost. Why? Because Quizlet includes nine different ways of helping you to learn new vocabulary, from fill-in-the-blank exercises to matching games and timed personalized quizzes.

However, I think it is in a group environment where Quizlet is able to show its actual prowess.

You can use the hundreds of Spanish vocabulary sets available (and conveniently categorized) or create your own study materials to put your skills to the test. Additionally, Quizlet helps develop both soft and hard skills in a natural and easy way.

What makes it unique:

A unique feature not present in other learning systems is Quizlet Live, a collaborative classroom game where you can learn while having the time of your life. If you are learning with friends, this is a great way to learn together and throw in a bit of competition to heat things up!

by Brainscape

Android | iOS


 (Yes) by Brainscape has been developed over the course of three years by scientists from Yale and Columbia universities, so you know that by using this app, you are getting a trusted product that can give you real results.

This app uses a system called Intelligent Cumulative Exposure, which consists of introducing concepts one at a time at gradually increasing difficulty. Much like with spaced repetition, the most difficult concepts are repeated at intervals depending on your progress, so that at the end of the day you are sure to remember everything you are supposed to.

 offers over 14,000 flashcards divided into 128 decks and it syncs between the website and the apps, so you will always be at the right spot in your learning, no matter which device you are using. The developers claim they have included four years worth of Spanish language learning in their app, although they state that you will be able to cover the material in a few months.

The flashcards include audio and teach not only words but also Spanish phrases and sentence constructions.

What makes it unique:

This app is able to guide you from your first Spanish words to being a conversational user of the language thanks to its easy-to-understand grammar explanations included in some of the flashcards.


Android | iOS


I have included Busuu in this list because of some of its great features. I am aware of the fact that Busuu is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “flashcard,” but it does have a flashcard system to teach you vocabulary.

Busuu allows you to learn Spanish vocabulary by level and by topic. You do not have to follow any course if the only thing you want is to learn vocabulary about a specific topic.

The flashcard system works by following the spaced repetition approach, so the words and sample sentences you will be getting will appear from time to time to make sure you memorize them correctly.

After you are done with the flashcards, you can continue your language adventure by listening to and reading dialogues, doing exercises and quizzes related to the vocabulary learned and writing a final task for each unit.

What makes it unique:

The social feature contained in this app, where you can get your pronunciation and writing corrected by a native Spanish speaker, is awesome. After you have learned those words in the flashcards, try to get social and put your new knowledge out there to make sure you got it right!

Learn Spanish with Flashcards



Are you traveling to, say, Argentina in a few weeks and need to learn the most important words and expressions in Spanish?

This is the Spanish flashcard app for you!

Learn Spanish with Flashcards is the perfect place to start your Spanish learning path, whether you want to continue studying Spanish afterward or you just need a quick fix before going on vacation.

With this app, you will be able to learn tons of basic words and expressions that native speakers really use, and the range of different topics you can choose from is basically amazing.

It looks cute, is easy to use and is just the perfect flashcard tool for those in a hurry!

What makes it unique:

The range of topics you can choose from is great. The fact that it includes not only words but also expressions and audio pronunciation for them is even more useful. And you can save your favorite flashcards for later studying!


Android | iOS


Without any doubt, Anki is the Godzilla of the flashcard world.

It was created specifically as a humongous learning machine and it uses flashcards and the spaced repetition system to helps you remember practically anything!

Anki is perfect for those with creative abilities because there are so many possibilities when making your flashcards that it can become a little bit overwhelming at the beginning. However, if what you are looking for is a flashcard app that gives you total freedom, Anki is the way to go.

It also has a huge selection of community-created content if you would rather have someone else do the work of actually making the flashcards.

For instance, you can download and use decks like the “Spanish Top 5,000 Vocabulary” deck, which includes images and audio readings of the most common Spanish words, or “10,000 Spanish Sentences Sorted from Easiest to Hardest” if you would rather learn in context instead of one word at a time.

Make makes it unique:

Anki is an open-source software, so the possibilities are literally infinite, especially if you know a little bit of code.


Android | iOS


If you search for the word “Spanish” on Cram, you get over 176 thousand results. 176 thousand!

If that is not enough reason to download it right away, let me give you another great reason: It only takes up 14 MB of phone memory! If you have an older phone like my LG 4K, you will really appreciate this.

The weight of this app should not lead you to think it is not a great one. Cram is not only easy to use and very easy on the eye, but it is also fast, reliable and super intuitive!

In includes two study modes: the Card mode, which allows you to choose a set of flashcards and repeat them as often as you please and the Memorize mode, which allows you to focus on the flashcards you are having problems with.

What makes it unique:

You can use a third, even more awesome study mode, the Cram mode, based on the Leitner system mentioned above. This mode automatically promotes and demotes flashcards within a given set until all of them have reached the highest level of mastery.


And there you go! 12 amazing Spanish flashcard apps you can use to learn the language on your phone anytime, anywhere!

Learning new Spanish vocabulary can be boring if you are presented with a piece of paper filled with a long list of words. Thanks to these apps, you will never get bored while learning Spanish vocab again.

Enjoy your new favorite way of learning Spanish. You are welcome.

Stay curious, my friends, and as always, happy learning!

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