55 Funny Spanish Words and Other Sayings That Are Fun to Pronounce

It’s no secret that the Spanish language has some words that seem impossible for English speakers to say.

Fortunately, they’re lots of fun to try to say… even if you don’t succeed at first.

So don’t let those tricky words scare you—instead, embrace them!

The following list contains 55 fun Spanish words that will help you increase your vocabulary and drill your pronunciation skills at the same time.


Funny Spanish Words and Sayings

Spanish Words That Are Fun to Pronounce


Looking for more fun Spanish words?

Check out this hilarious video and hear some Spanish learners attempting to pronounce Spanish words.

You could also try a language learning platform such as FluentU, where you can watch authentic Spanish videos with interactive subtitles. You can then test yourself on any new words you find with personalized flashcards and quizzes. Challenge yourself to find the funniest words possible!

Now you can look for ways to include the funny Spanish words and phrases you just learned in daily conversation!

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