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Brush Up! 8 Ways to Reignite Your Dormant Spanish

brush up on spanish

Let me ask you something.

¿Dónde está el baño?

Oh wait, you forgot what that means? Swear you’ve run into that sentence before?

Then maybe you need to brush up on your Spanish—before you have some kind of bathroom-related

Booking It: A Brilliant 8-book Program to Learn Spanish to Fluency

learn spanish books

I have a question.

And I promise you don’t need an advanced degree in the sciences to answer it.

What do a bundle of dynamite and your Spanish learning have in common?

That’s right: They can both explode.

Dynamite can …

15 Common Spanish Sayings to Warm Your Heart and Mind

common spanish sayings

Want to know the secret to really appreciating the Spanish language?

Are you ready to bare witness to its power to reach both hearts and minds at exactly the same time?

Want to finally feel what it’s like to be

7 Spanish Short Stories Positively Brimming with Language Lessons

spanish short stories for beginners

Read any good Spanish children’s books or short stories lately?

Any particularly colorful picture books with rhyming sentences written in giant font?

Yes, you read that right. That’s a serious question.

Every language learner should spend solid time with these …

The 5 Best Spanish Talk Radio Stations to Give You Spanish Ears

spanish talk radio

Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Madrid.

Yeah, really see it in your head.

Are you there? Can you imagine the book you’d be reading in that situation?


Now, imagine that next to your table …

Watching Spanish TV Online: The Couch Potato’s Guide to Fluency

spanish tv online

Spoken Spanish has a beautiful melody to it—you can almost feel the language breathing, singing and dancing.

Does that mean you need to sing and dance around to learn the language?

Well, the musical route is one way to go

9 Signs That Your Spanish Learning Websites Are Giving You an Effective Workout

spanish language training

Are you on the hunt for the most effective learning tools to conquer Spanish?

Do you want to be sure that you only engage in study techniques that truly work?

Well, look no further. This post is perfect …