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Become a Word Mason: 7 Spanish Vocabulary Builders to Construct Sturdy Language Skills

spanish vocabulary builder

Imagine that your Spanish skills are like a house.

The support beams that hold everything together are made of grammar rules.

The walls and roof are your pronunciation skills and cultural knowledge (like when to use the polite “you”

Fluency on the Go: Learn Spanish with 9 Apps for Android Devices

learn spanish app android

We have computers to clean our houses and keep them at the perfect temperature.

Computers are driving cars for us and even providing therapy.

Is there anything computers can’t do?

As a Spanish learner, your best study tool is

Pack Light: Download a Spanish Dictionary for On-the-go Learning


Just the thought of hauling around a several-hundred page dictionary makes my back ache.

However, whether you live in a Spanish-speaking country or not, having a Spanish dictionary on hand whenever you need one is indispensable to your learning.

It …

Read On! 8 Websites with Spanish Reading Comprehension Exercises


Are you a bookworm?

Do you wish you could read classic Spanish literature in its original language?

You have to start somewhere. 

If you feel your Spanish reading skills are not quite ready to tackle windmill warriors yet, you …

Sounds Good! Learn Spanish with Spotify and Treat Your Ears (and Your Mind)


If you use Spofity, you know how amazing the service is for finding and listening to awesome music.

What you might not know is how amazing the service is for learning Spanish.

Chances are, you’re not making full …

Starting’s Half the Battle: Learn Spanish for Beginners with These 9 Resources


On your marks, get set, go!

The starting shot has been fired but you freeze up.

You want to start, but you just do not know how!

I know. Learning a new language can be really daunting.

A language is …

12 Intensive Spanish Courses for Extreme Language Language


Be honest.

How long have you been wanting to learn Spanish?

Maybe you are a beginner who has wanted to learn for years and never had the chance.

Or maybe you have been learning for years and never given it …