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Exam Blues? How to Win at AP Spanish Literature and Culture


Are you a young Spanish student with an eye towards higher education?

If so, you’ve likely dreamed of seeing an elusive 3, 4 or even a perfect 5 at the top of your AP Spanish Literature and Culture test.…

How to Learn Spanish with the Bible: Study Techniques, Translations to Choose and More


On the first day…

You said: “I’ll get to my Spanish studies tomorrow.”

Oh the second day…

You said: “Yeah, tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.”

It’s time to begin your own little Spanish fluency creation story. If you’re interested in reading …

Languages Unite! 10 Bilingual Books and Resources in English and Spanish for Adults


Make no mistake: Reading is awesome.

Reading in Spanish while learning the language is even more awesome.

But reaching for a dictionary every time you don’t understand a word can be frustrating—and if you decided to go with your best …

Spanish Comparisons Practice: How to Master the Art of Comparing and Contrasting in Spanish


The little things in life can make a big difference.

A little extra height means you can reach that top shelf.

A few extra points on a pop quiz can earn you an A- instead of a B+.

If you’re …

7 of the Most Addictive Games to Learn Spanish Vocabulary


Few things are more fundamentally human than our love of playing games.

We all love to kick back once in a while with a favorite pastime—a sport, a video game, a hand of solitaire, what have you. The trouble …

Learn Spanish Grammar in Record Time with These 9 Online Resources


The internet sure gets a bad rap these days.

It seems like it’s known more as a place to trade insults and watch cat videos than as a valuable learning tool and storehouse of human knowledge (that you can use …

Beyond Books: Learn Spanish and Pop Culture with These 7 Popular Magazines


You probably know reading is essential to learning a foreign language. But do you know exactly what you want to read?

Some people don’t. Spanish learners show up at their local library, eagerly pick out a book from the Spanish …