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14 Expressions with Tener That Go Beyond “to Have”


You probably know the word “tener” means “to have.”

But why does “tengo hambre” mean “I’m hungry”?

If you’ve ever struggled to understand this, then you already know that tener is a little more complicated than it looks.

It’s a …

Exam Blues? How to Win at AP Spanish Literature and Culture


Are you a young Spanish student with an eye towards higher education?

If so, you’ve likely dreamed of seeing an elusive 3, 4 or even a perfect 5 at the top of your AP Spanish Literature and Culture test.…

How to Learn Spanish with the Bible: Study Techniques, Translations to Choose and More


On the first day…

You said: “I’ll get to my Spanish studies tomorrow.”

Oh the second day…

You said: “Yeah, tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.”

It’s time to begin your own little Spanish fluency creation story. If you’re interested in reading …

Languages Unite! 10 Bilingual Books and Resources in English and Spanish for Adults


Make no mistake: Reading is awesome.

Reading in Spanish while learning the language is even more awesome.

But reaching for a dictionary every time you don’t understand a word can be frustrating—and if you decided to go with your best …

Spanish Comparisons Practice: How to Master the Art of Comparing and Contrasting in Spanish


The little things in life can make a big difference.

A little extra height means you can reach that top shelf.

A few extra points on a pop quiz can earn you an A- instead of a B+.

If you’re …

7 of the Most Addictive Games to Learn Spanish Vocabulary


Few things are more fundamentally human than our love of playing games.

We all love to kick back once in a while with a favorite pastime—a sport, a video game, a hand of solitaire, what have you. The trouble …

Learn Spanish Grammar in Record Time with These 9 Online Resources


The internet sure gets a bad rap these days.

It seems like it’s known more as a place to trade insults and watch cat videos than as a valuable learning tool and storehouse of human knowledge (that you can use …