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5 Timeless Christmas Stories in Spanish: Language Lessons from Santa and Scrooge

spanish christmas stories

When you think of Christmas, do you think of colorful characters?

Maybe Scrooge, the Grinch, Santa Claus, Rudolph or the Bumble come to mind.

Christmas characters are near and dear to our hearts, and they make for some

Spanish Adjectives 101: Add Vibrant Color to Your World

spanish adjectives

Would you rather watch a black and white movie, or a high definition, full color one?

You’re probably going to choose full color–because it’s more interesting, more exciting, and closer to real life.

Knowing Spanish without any adjectives is …

5 Silly Mistakes That Prevent Learners from Becoming Fluent in Spanish

fluent in spanish

Hablo español con fluidez. Hablo español como un nativo.

I speak Spanish fluently. I speak Spanish like a native.

Isn’t that what every Spanish language learner dreams of saying, with the perfect accent, to a crowd of admiring fans? …

How to Use Spanish Reflexive Verbs Like a Native

spanish reflexive verbs

It’s a fact of life: As we grow up, we have to start doing all kinds of things for ourselves.

We wash ourselves, brush our own hair, get ourselves up out of bed and do all manner of activities…

The Complete Cookbook for Whipping Up Easy Spanish Sentences

easy spanish sentences

Ever look in the kitchen cupboard, see tons of ingredients and think “dang, there’s nothing to eat”?

Knowing a whole lot of Spanish words but not knowing the rules for constructing sentences can feel a little like that. You have …

7 Tricks for Learning How to Speak Beautiful Spanish

learn how to speak in spanish

A gringo in Latin American Spanish is a foreigner who really sticks out.

The Castilian Spanish (from Spain) equivalent is a guiri.

Hint: when speaking Spanish, you don’t want to sound like either.

Whilst there’s not much you can …