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There’s an App for That! 12 Astounding Apps for Learning Spanish


It’s a wonderful time to be a Spanish learner.

You’ve never had better access to the Spanish language than you do right now.

The world is becoming an incredibly small and interconnected place.

Ever-smaller phones, tablets, computers and other …

7 Easy Short Stories for Enrapturing Spanish Reading


You’ve been devouring textbooks, absorbing flashcards and writing Spanish as best you can.

Now it’s time to put away the grammar books for a little while and delve into some sensational short stories.

Stories that take you away …

Spring Training Spanish: 9 Ways to Learn About Easter in Latin America While Boosting Your Language Skills

easter in latin america

Flowers are blooming.

The sun is shining.

Spring is in the air.

And Easter is fast approaching.

For most of us in the English-speaking world, this time of year probably conjures up images of chocolate and the Easter Bunny.…

5 Captivating Comic Books for Spanish Learners of All Ages

walking dedo




Yes, you can kick your Spanish reading enthusiasm into gear just like a scene from any Batman comic book. All you have to do is pick up a captivating comic or gratifying graphic novel and begin reading

Feliz Navidad: 8 Spanish Christmas Carols You’ll Absolutely Love Singing

spanish christmas carols

The tree is up.

Gifts are wrapped.

It’s that magical time of year again.

It’s also that time of the year when we avoid our textbooks and dodge anything that looks like work.

But there’s a way to enjoy …

Freaky Fluency: 7 Scary Stories in Spanish for Fast, Adrenaline-fueled Learning

scary stories in spanish

The scariest night of the year is nearing.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic Halloween fan or not, nothing beats the thrill of a good spooky story.

And when it comes to tales of things that go bump in the night, …

13 Incredible Spanish Movies on Netflix in 2020 That You’ve Gotta See (+7 Old Favs)

spanish movies netflix

Put the popcorn on.

Turn the phone off.

Place the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door.

Movie night just got a whole lot bigger and better.

It got Netflixed—Spanish style!

As language learners, learning to listen is a …