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6 Famous Spanish-speaking Singers Who’ll Blast Your Learning into Overdrive

famous spanish singers

Do you want to learn great Spanish while adding a little romance into your life?

Me encanta (I love) Spanish-language music. With numerous talented stars crossing over from Spanish to English, I can’t be the only one singing and dancing

Learn Spanish with Immersion Courses: Finding the Right Option for You

spanish immersion course

Dreaming of taking a fabulous vacation?

What if you could combine that awesome getaway with some fresh Spanish learning abroad?

Imagine jetting off to a Spanish-speaking country and finally taking that class that propels your learning beyond basic phrases

How to Find the Perfect Spanish Language Partner of Your Dreams

spanish language partner

Life—and learning Spanish—is more fun with a buddy!

Learning Spanish independently can be very enjoyable, especially when you’re learning by reading magazines, watching movies and listening to music.

But let’s face it, you need a friend every now …