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10 Spanish Alternative Music Albums for Hip Language Learning

alternative spanish music

It’s time to go against the grain.

We’re taking a step away from the mainstream.

You won’t find any Shakira, Juanes or Marc Anthony here.

You’ve heard those names before, right?

If you’ve been searching the web for some …

8 Enchanting Short Stories in Spanish That’ll Make You Love Literature

spanish literature short stories

Prepare your ears.

We’re about to break your preconceptions.

We’ve found a way to make reading in Spanish approachable and interesting.

Yup, you heard right!

We know that reading in your second language can sometimes be a bit of a …

40 Basic Spanish Phrases for Surviving Most Any Situation

basic spanish phrases

Maybe you’ve just booked your plane ticket to Puerto Rico, Argentina or Spain?

Perhaps you’ve got a new group of Spanish-speaking co-workers at the office?

Or maybe you just want to impress the waitress at your favorite Mexican restaurant

25 Mexican Spanish Slang Terms and Expressions to Sound Like a True Mexican

Mexican Spanish slang

Looking to have a huge head start when you travel to Mexico?

Want to impress the locals with your Spanish?

Whether you want to better understand what’s going on around you or show off your language skills, one thing is …