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Get the Gift of Gab! Chat Your Way Through 5 Basic Conversational Spanish Situations

basic conversational spanish

When you hear two people speaking rapid, fluent Spanish, it’s almost as if they’re doing some kind of complex, secret handshake.

Are you longing to become a card-carrying member of the top secret Spanish conversation club?

Are you ready …

Pop Quiz! 6 Super Quizzes to Save the Intermediate Spanish Learner

intermediate spanish quiz

Do you find yourself making the same Spanish slips over and over again?

Do you need a reality check on where you shine and where you fall behind?

Are you getting caught up on common SNAFUs?

Quick, quizzes …

Go Hog Wild: Learn 20 Animal Phrases in Spanish

learn spanish phrases

Spanish is full of funny phrases about animals.

Have you ever heard that someone’s “like a bull in a china shop” or “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

Surprise! Many of the idiomatic phrases you …

Guay! 12 Popular Spanish Slang Phrases That Aren’t Bull

spanish slang

Have you ever imagined visiting sunny Spain?

Do you dream about dining on jamón, tapas and Rioja?

Or checking out the Alhambra, running with the bulls or dancing the night away in Ibiza?

Are you also nervous about speaking

How to Improve Your Spanish: 10 Inspired Ideas

how to improve your spanish

If you’re wondering how to improve your Spanish, you’re not alone!

Many of us attend Spanish classes once or twice a week thinking that, if we participate and do our homework religiously, we’ll make fast progress.

The truth is …