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33 Very Common Yet Difficult-to-conjugate Spanish Verbs

difficult spanish verbs

Yes, no es un mito (it’s not a myth)!

Spanish is one of the most popular languages spoken today, but its grammar has stopped too many learners in their tracks.

Just looking at the 15 tenses and moods alone is …

32 Advanced Spanish Adjectives for More Vibrant Self-expression

advanced spanish adjectives

Adjectives are sweet, colorful, delicious and decorative—they add nuance to your language, and help you express yourself more precisely and more vividly.

They also might be the answer to the big, burning question all Spanish learners have: “How do you …

All the Spanish Reading Material You’ll Ever Need, from Beginning to Advanced Levels

spanish reading material

Choosing the right Spanish reading material can pose a real challenge.

Some options are too hard, some are too easy.

Looks like you’re in a bit of a Goldilocks situation here—you need some Spanish reading material that’s just right.

What …

The 8 Best Books for Learning Spanish All by Your Lonesome

best books to learn spanish

Soldiering through Spanish lessons all by your lonesome?

Want a helping hand?

How about a reference book or two to guide you along, or a book full of carefully explained language lessons?

Sounds great—but how to find the right

11 Advanced Spanish Textbooks to Skyrocket You to Fluency

advanced spanish textbooks

Fluency is a dream that most Spanish learners want to achieve.

Even if you don’t necessarily want to be mistaken for a native, the end goal is usually to be able to communicate efficiently and understand most of what …

10 Spanish Readers That’ll Make Your Reading Skills Soar

Spanish readers

I’m sure you’ve heard this before:

Reading is a vital part of any language.

But you’ve heard it so much because it’s absolutely true.

If you travel, you’ll want to be able to read a map or directions in …

6 Ways to Refresh Your Rusty Spanish and Achieve Long-term Fluency

Spanish refresher

Stops and starts.

You’ve probably experienced these a couple of times in your life.

Whether it happens with your gym routine, music skills, math knowledge or parcheesi, you learn a skill well for a certain period of time—then you …