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11 Casual Spanish Filler Words to Keep Hold of the Conversation


You’re in a group, having a casual Spanish conversation.

Everyone’s talking at once.

You’ve got something to add to the conversation, but don’t know what to say to grab the group’s attention and keep it.

Sound familiar?

It …

12 Spanish Exclamations to Add Dramatic Flair to Your Conversations

spanish exclamations

One big thing that marks you out as a foreigner? A lack of Spanish exclamations.

Native Spanish speakers always have something to say, don’t they?

It doesn’t matter what’s happening, you can count on Spanish speakers to break uncomfortable …

Get a Taste of Advanced Spanish with 10 Free Online Courses

advanced spanish courses

What’s something that gets you seriously excited?

What topic puts a gleam in your eyes when someone starts talking about it?

Think about that topic as we move forward.

That interest or passion of yours has a unique power.

It …

How to Perfect Your Pronunciation with Spanish Tongue Twisters

spanish tongue twisters

Having problems pronouncing a particular Spanish sound?

No matter how hard you try, it just keeps coming out wrong.

I know the feeling.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t say the letter r at all. It came out like …