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Want to restore your faith in humanity?

Just think about how much people love sharing their knowledge with others.

There is no clearer example of this great human quality than YouTube. Search for any kind of tutorial and you are likely to get tons of hits. I am talking hobbies, cooking, technical skills and of course language learning.

Not only has YouTube made cultural gems like Portuguese music, Brazilian drama shows and entertaining movies very easy to find, it has also gifted us with ample opportunities to improve and practice our language skills.

Whether you are trying to verse yourself in the Brazilian or European Portuguese variety, and no matter what your proficiency level is, we are about to introduce you to a great selection of language learning channels that are sure to get you achieving your learning goals—whatever they may be.

Are you ready for your next educational YouTube binge?

Before we showcase some of the options you have at your disposal, we will take quick look at how YouTube videos will help you gain a better understanding of the Portuguese language—and the wonderful cultural treasures that come with them.


Why Should I Learn Portuguese with YouTube?

Why learn Portuguese with YouTube, you ask? Well, why not?

First, you have got the fact that many video tutorials out there have been created by native Portuguese speakers.

That means you will be getting instruction from tutors who know the language from the inside out, from the subtle nuances to the more obvious aspects like grammar and pronunciation. You will also be naturally absorbing the pronunciations and cadences that make up native-level Portuguese speech.

Additionally, videos provide a hands-on approach to learning new words and phrases. They are interactive, entertaining and the combination of sound and visuals on your screen can be quite a strong memory aide. You get these advantages all while naturally immersing yourself in your chosen Lusophone culture!

If you really want to take these benefits up a notch, innovative tools like FluentU can come in handy.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

Please note that our Brazilian Portuguese program is still in development, and European Portuguese is not yet available.

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The videos cover a wide range of entertaining topics, and each one comes with interactive captions that provide in-context definitions and visual learning aids for any words you do not recognize. FluentU’s “Learn Mode” also creates flashcards and fun exercises based on the video content, to make sure you are retaining what you have learned.

That means you can actively build your vocabulary while enjoying all the linguistic benefits of Portuguese videos discussed above.

Being able to memorize things quickly, contextualize information more naturally and understand concepts from a native perspective will enable you to get the most out of other online resources as well. Think audiobooks, websites, magazines—all will become much easier to comprehend with the groundwork you have been laying.

6 YouTube Channels All Portuguese Learners Should Subscribe To

Suffice to say, video can be a powerful tool that can help learners maximize their study in various ways. But if you are still having trouble visualizing the learning potential, do not fret. It will all become much clearer once you see our recommendations.

Of course, we want you to find the right channel for your current skill set and goals. So, for this list, we are going to point out the different Portuguese accents covered, as well as the type of content you can expect.

Hello Rusty

Best suited for: beginner Brazilian Portuguese learners.

Hello Rusty is made by a Brazilian-born language enthusiast who is passionate about teaching others her native Portuguese. Her videos cover all the basics you could ask for: from the alphabet to a foundational rundown of regular verbs and even some fun cultural facts like how to make brigadeiro (a traditional chocolate dessert).

You might also appreciate the straightforward way she walks learners through each topic, along with helpful text and translations to read along for key points.

Choose this if you are just starting out and want to progress into a pre-intermediate level.

Professor Jason

Best suited for: beginner, intermediate and advanced Brazilian Portuguese learners.

Professor Jason is a native speaking tutor who makes his courses freely available on YouTube. He teaches Brazilian Portuguese (and Spanish as well) and all his videos are organized into playlists by theme covering everything from grammar to Latin music and recipes.

Lessons are structured according to level, covering concepts like pronunciation, grammar and everyday vocabulary.

Choose this if you are looking for a course with a clear-cut, but still very friendly, sequence.


Best suited for: upper intermediate-advanced Brazilian Portuguese learners.

Aulalivre is actually geared for a Brazilian audience, offering a comprehensive rundown on a number of topics like math, science, arts, culture and linguistics.

If you are an advanced learner looking for content that is a bit more challenging, this is definitely going to do the trick. You will benefit from a range of highly specialized Portuguese language pointers, from grammatical rules to the ins and outs of essay writing.

Choose this if you are looking for something more academic. This channel is also a great option for harnessing other interests, like art or science, to motivate your Portuguese learning.

Portuguese with Carla

Best suited for: beginner-early intermediate European Portuguese learners.

Carla is a native European Portuguese speaker and language tutor who is currently based in the U.K. What’s great about this channel is you will see Portuguese as it is used in real, everyday situations.

Her channel is filled with videos about basic vocabulary, local colloquialisms, as well as tips about daily tasks like buying food on the beach in Portugal and using apps to study.

Her videos are usually around 30 to 40 minutes in length, so choose this if you want something more detailed.

EuroPortuguese LA

Best suited for: beginner-intermediate European Portuguese learners.

EuroPortuguese LA’s videos are quite different from the ones we have already covered. They are not fronted by a tutor of any kind—rather, what you see on the screen is text.

More specifically, you will see a script of words across various subject areas, which are paired with pronunciation and helpful guides about the topics at hand. Pretty much all your European Portuguese language musts are covered: verbs, nouns and pronunciation along with various phrases.

This one is ideal for those who want to get a good amount of reading practice as they listen out for new words.

Portuguese Lab

Best suited for: beginner and intermediate European Portuguese learners.

Portuguese Lab’s videos are quite interactive and animated. The channel’s video selection is diverse too.

There are various topic-based vocabulary lists with a well-balanced composition between illustrations, text and spoken words; cartoons focused on local greetings and basic questions; a two-part rundown on European Portuguese phonetics and even the occasional story.

Choose this if you are a visual learner. The colors and graphics are bound to work in your favor.


Well, that is it for this installment! Hopefully this list has inspired you to take your Portuguese studies up a few notches, as you continue to explore new online materials and tap into more practice opportunities.

Whatever you decide, remember that you are making a commitment that will soon be greatly rewarded. With that in mind, keep on practicing those Portuguese essentials and have fun exploring all these new and exciting pathways to fluency.

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