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Escape Boredom with 6 Alternative Methods for Learning Japanese by Yourself

escape boredom with 5 alternative methods for learning japanese by yourself

Are you a Japanese five-year-old?

If not, your brain isn’t currently programmed to absorb Japanese every minute of every day.

You’re going to have to make up for not being born in Japan.

Unless you’re immersed in a foreign

37 Weird Japanese Words You Won’t Believe Exist

weird japanese words

Have you ever heard the word “petrichor”?

It’s an English word describing the smell of the earth after it rains.

And what about a “backpfeifengesicht”?

That’s the weird German word that means “a face badly in need of a …

40 Survival Japanese Phrases for Basic, Everyday Situations

survival japanese phrases to helpyou day-to-day

Are you fluent in your native language?

Before you shrug the question off with a quick “Of course,” consider this:

If you’re a native English speaker, could you handle yourself with legalese or convoluted medical terms?

Japanese spoken in Japan …